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Day 126 – New Year’s Eve Farewell

Friday, December 31st, 2010
Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose 8/10/10

Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose 8/10/10

Well, a year ago today I was thinking about how I would ever make it to this day and wondered how I would do it through this blog.  I failed.  I thought I would go to yoga 3xa week, but I simply didn’t.  In fact, the last time I went to yoga was 2 weeks ago!

I did go this morning, as I figured I needed to because of this blog.  I also need to for my body, but I am starting to have a slight headache which seems to be synonmous with hot yoga with me right now – so that’s what reminded me actually to write this blog post.

Today, I woke up to hail and lightning and the power going out at 5am.  I always find this quite obnoxious when I am getting up at the butt crack of dawn anyway to go to yoga – really?  do I have to wake up 1 hour before the butt crack of dawn?

Bill parked behind my car (we have a one car garage), so I drove his car which was covered in ice – another annoyance that I had before I even got to yoga.

Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose 8/10/10

Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose 8/10/10

So, of course, I arrived when they were in the middle of the first set of beginning breathing.  Not cool.

Also, there wasn’t really a space for me up front until we went to the floor postures, so I was in the “second” row.  Again, annoyed because I’m near sighted and cannot see myself in the mirror unless I am in the first row – and as I have said before, not being in the first row reminds me of a paperweight my dad has, “If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.”  In other words, I don’t like to look at other people’s asses.

Spine Twising Pose

Spine Twising Pose 8/10/10

I’d love to tell you that I am going to miss this blog.  The bottom line is that I am feeling a lot of relief that this isn’t going to hang over my shoulders on a daily basis.  It has for some time and on top of everything else, I simply don’t need it.  Unfortunately this blog represents another failure of mine when it comes to weight loss.  I used to believe that I could acomplish anything I set my mind to, but taking care of my physical body doesn’t seem to be one of those things.

Spine Twising Pose

Spine Twising Pose

Today’s pose is Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose or Janushirasana with Paschimotthanasana.  I look better on 8/10/10 than I did in class today, that’s for sure.

I also decided to throw in the Spine Twisting Pose photos because, well, this is it folks – I didn’t even get another round of photos in.  Pathetic all the way around.  I do wonder if I would have done a better job at this if I was being paid.  Maybe I should sign up for the Biggest Loser and then I would be motivated.

I do appreciate those that have been loyal readers and the ones that have encouraged me throughout the year.  Looking back a year ago, I was really excited for today too because I thought I would have this banging body and be excited about life.  Not the case, my friends. 

I do hope you have a Happy New Year and if the mood so strikes me, I will continue to write on this blog when I have attended class.  Who knows – maybe some day I will have a banging body to “show off” on here.

Day 125 – Two Weeks Left

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose

Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose 8/10/10

There were 7 people in yoga yesterday morning including moi. Barbara was the teacher although I’m not really sure if that’s her name or if it’s Beth, as someone called her the other day. There’s a board in the reception area that has all the instructors and TAs on it – so I could definitely look at that, but do I?  No, of course, not.  Forget every time.

There wasn’t much to class yesterday – I was swore and again hating myself for taking a week off.  And again telling myself over and over again to just make it a habit. 

I have to say that I have had a love/hate relationship with this blog.  I am currently in the “hate” mode of it all because I hate that I made this commitment because I feel obligated when I don’t have time to be obligated to sit and write a post about it.  I have tried to change my attitude, but it isn’t working – so right now I am looking very forward to the end of my year with this blog.  I don’t even think I will update photos because there hasn’t been a lot of progress and the whole photo taking process is about 3 hours when you consider taking of the photos, the downloading and the uploading.  It’s a total PIA – I know it makes for a more interesting blog.

I really had high hopes for this blog – I wanted it to be great and even make a movie out of it like the whole Julie and Julia thing.  I thought I would have slimmed down and gained a better perspective on life.  I haven’t done either.  I suppose it’s years of practice that gets you there – but of course, I wanted it to happen in this year so that I could become addicted to it forever.

I plan on going tomorrow.  That could change between now and then.


Day 124 – Gorgeous Sunrise

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
Janushirasana or Head to Knee pose 8-10-10

Janushirasana or Head to Knee pose 8-10-10

The yoga room is on the north side of the street and there are windows that face to the west. So I’m not entirely sure why I can always see the sunrise in the 6:20am classes but maybe it’s facing more east than I think.

There were only 3 people in class yesterday which made it a great day. And so we were doing our floor postures and I think we were on camel and I just blurted out, “sorry to interrupt but the sunrise is spectacular!”. It was well rec’d and the teacher replied by saying, “I was just about to mention that as well!”

The crazy thing about seeing the sunrise in the room is that I’ve also seen the sunset so sometimes when I’m in the yoga daze, if you will, I have to remind myself that it’s morning and not evening.

Janushirasana or Head to Knee pose 8-10-10

Janushirasana or Head to Knee pose 8-10-10

Today’s pose is Janushirasana or Head to Knee pose. I’m still tight on my right hand side because of the pulled hamstring from the beginning of the year but I’m enjoying the stretch.

After class, allof the students and the teacher were standing in the lobby and the teacher mentioned how fun it was to have a small class because the energy and synchronicity were on track. So of course I mention the fact that on Friday someone came into class 10 minutes late and did their own routine. And another student goes, “oh my god, that chick was so annoying! She was right in front of me and it totally threw me off!”. So the teacher said she would tell the owner because Aaron (friday’s teacher) isn’t supposed to allow that. Great I feel like a tattle tale.


Day 123 – Fellow Yogi Consideration

Friday, December 10th, 2010
Rabbit pose or Sasangasana

Rabbit pose or Sasangasana 8/10/10

I honestly considered skipping today. I’m not sure I can say that I’m glad I went. My stomach has been bothering me this week and I first thought it was cramps but now I think there’s something upsetting my stomach.

There were 6 people in class this morning. And about 10 minutes – 10 minutes!!! – into class another person came in. This individual has been in other classes with me and it was a Tuesday class.

Lisa teaches Tuesdays and she doesn’t tolerate it when people aren’t paying attention and getting in and out of postures about the same time. And rightfully so because the synchronicity helps me for sure.

Rabbit Pose 8/10/10

Rabbit Pose 8/10/10

Well today’s instructor was Aaron and Aaron does the Bikram yoga poses with you so he isn’t aware of the things people are doing around the room.

The late girl apparently thinks that she can do any postures and any moves she wants. It was so distracting until she finally just laid down until the final breathing. Totally bizarre.

Today’s posture is Rabbit pose or Sasangasana. Rabbit isn’t my friend these days. I definitely feel the stretch but I find myself freaking out in this posture again. I freak out because all I can do is breathe in my boobs.

Have a great weekend.


Day 122 – Lucked Out

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
Camel Pose or Ustrasana

Camel Pose or Ustrasana 8/10/10

There are some days when you just luck out by who you set your mat down next to and yesterday was one of those days because I set my mat down next to a lady that was not only good at yoga but focused and balanced which brought me a greater strength in class. I wanted to thank her after class but thought it’d be weird so I didn’t.

Today’s posture is Camel Pose or Ustrasana. My 4 week break in the last 8 weeks has definitely not helped me in camel. Toxins that had escaped my liver during regular practice have returned and consequently I’m enjoying the “I’m about the vomit” feeling that beginners to Bikram yoga poses tend to experience.

Camel Pose or Ustrasana

Camel Pose or Ustrasana 8/10/10

Other than that class went well and I’m definitely sore from being gone – it’s sorta nice to be sore though. Reminds me that I’ve got work to do.

I’ll be going tomorrow as well and hopefully I’ll actually post on the day I went.


Day 121 – F’in Headache

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

I hate headaches. Hate them!  I also hate the cold. If I could have it my way I would live in weather that never got below 30 degrees.

I woke up yesterday morning to go to the 6am yoga class and my cramps were so bad, I decided to sleep more and go at 9am.

My cramps are really bad before my period starts and only happen about once a quarter. It’s not fun – but I’ve read that if you exercise through it all the better.

So I got up at 7:45am and headed to yoga at 8:30am.

People in the 9am class are much more talkative prior to class starting which much be because there seems to be a lot of regulars (and lots of men yesterday).

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

There were 23 people in class with me today but I got a spot up front so wasn’t completely aware of all the folks behind me – just the way I like it.

Today’s posture is half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana. Not much to say on that other than I think that it’ll be a miracle if I can ever do this posture with my butt touching my heals.

After class was over I didn’t have cramps – but they did come back later. I did though have a horrible, horrible headache the rest of the day and that always happens when I go to the 90 minute class. Drives me crazy. That’s why I’m skipping class today – as there’s no 60 minute available.

I’ll go tomorrow morning hopefully.

Any insight on why I get headaches for the rest of the day after 90 minute classes?


Day 120 – Heavy Breather

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
Fixed Firm pose or Supta-Vajrasana

Fixed Firm pose or Supta-Vajrasana 8/10/10

So I do my best to really not be annoyed when someone is breathing so loud the whole room can hear them (over the fans that are spitting out all the hot air, mind you), but I couldn’t focus on me until floor postures yesterday until I was able to get far enough away from the heavy breather. I’ve been told by my boyfriend that heavy breathers don’t know they’re breathing heavy but I have no idea how you couldn’t hear it. The annoyance factor is so bad that I get this feeling throughout my body that I want to scream and wonder if the instructor had actually touched me if I would have.

Today’s posture is Fixed Firm pose or Supta-Vajrasana pose which I’m really struggling with because my knees are so tight. It isn’t a pretty site.  Actually, I haven’t progressed much since the photo that was taken on 8/10/10.  I am frustrated because my doctor told me that my knee problem was something like “Theatre seater knee syndrome” which is just ridiculous, because they hurt in a number of areas – not only when I am sitting down.  I will just push through it though as I don’t feel like beating a dead horse.

So overall class was OK yesterday. I was highly distracted and class seemed to drag on because of my annoyance factor.

Hopefully Friday will be better.


Day 119 – Timeout 1, 2, 3

Monday, November 29th, 2010
Bow Pose or Dhanurasana

Bow Pose or Dhanurasana 8/10/10

Today’s class was great – there were only 4 people taking the class – including me – and everyone was synchronized.

It makes for a nicer class when everyone synchronized. I feel more balanced and tend to have more energy.

I’ve gotta make it more often to yoga as my feet have been hurting and I notice that if I don’t go for awhile and go again that they hurt and cramp. There’s just nothing that seems to make my feet work and stretch Ike yoga does.

Today’s posture is the Bow Pose or Dhanurasana Bikram Yoga pose. I suck at this posture now. Seriously suck at it. I’m so tight and fat I can barely reach my feet -awesome!

I also struggled in hero’s pose and rabbit today.

The reason why today’s post is titled, “Timeout 1, 2, 3” is because today’s teacher, Barb, likes to say, “1, 2, 3” for the time that it takes you to get out of a floor posture and get back into savasana.  I used to like it, but today it drove me crazy because it reminded me of being 8 years old and my mom putting me in time-out at the count of 3.  What are your thoughts on whether or not I should say something to her?  I sorta hate it.


Day 118 – Dazed and Confused

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Okay, “Dazed and Confused” might be a bit of an exaggeration because it’s a movie title so when I wanted to say, “dazed” I just added the “confused” part.

I was totally in a daze today. There were 17 people in the class and as far as I’m concerned there could have been just 2 besides me – the instructor and the guy next to me.

Full Locust Pose or Poorna-Salabhasana 8/10/10

Full Locust Pose or Poorna-Salabhasana 8/10/10

My eyes must have closed a billion times too. I got a decent amount of sleep last night so not sure where the daze was coming from. I like when that happens in class though as time flies by and the next thing I know we’re on the floor doing floor poses.

Today’s pose is the Full Locust Pose or Poorna-Salabhasana or airplane pose. I felt limited in all my poses today because I’ve taken too long of a break so I’m not as stretched out as I normally am. It did feel so good to stretch out though. I loved it. My feet especially. When I don’t do yoga my feet really suffer. They become stiff and are sore in the morning. I also have noticed that my body craves the half moon series when I’m not doing yoga as well as a back bend.

Had full intentions of going to class on Monday and Tuesday and didn’t make it. Then I watched the Biggest Loser on TV last night and so told my fatass to get up this morning.

I’m going out of town for the rest of the week so best case scenario I’ll be back at it on Monday.


Day 117 – Back in the Saddle

Monday, November 15th, 2010
Locust Pose or Salabhasana

Locust Pose or Salabhasana 8/10/10

Yes, for those of you loyal followers I went to yoga this morning. Crazy but  true.

After class, Barb (today’s instructor) said, “Good class.” to me and I replied, “Yes, but I can tell I haven’t been for two weeks.”. To which she replied, “we all need to take a break sometimes for a number of reasons.”

I could tell I’d taken too long of a break but I’m looking forward to my next class as I think it’ll be better because of muscle memory stuff.

Ironically, today’s pose is  Locust Pose or Salabhasana which is appropriate because this was a pose I really struggled in today. I didn’t even try to get my legs up higher because I was afraid that being out of commission for so long would injure my back and back pain is the worst of all!

Now that it’s getting colder seems like the attendance is down again – yay! When I walked in this morning there was only one other person in class and by the time class ended there were about 7 people including me – just the way I like it.

Check out this video I found on YouTube of a guy doing the Locust Pose:

YouTube Preview Image