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Day 12 – Pigeon

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Ahhhh, I love coming home right after yoga and not going to my personal trainer and not having any other obligations during the day.  I mean, I have to work today, but no reason to leave the house, like appointments or meetings.

Lisa was the instructor today and there were only about 6 people in the class.  One was actually someone who I coached in field hockey when she was in 8th grade.  A sweet girl and apparently not too shabby at the Bikram yoga poses.  One of the frustrating things about yoga sometimes is that you have to be quiet.  I wouldn’t mind chatting it up a bit when I am a holding a posture.  It would sure help the time go by faster.

I’m on my laptop today, so I don’t have the file of my yoga posture photos, therefore, you are going to have to wait a day until I show you the next posture.

Lisa did switch it up a bit today towards the end of class.  We ended up doing the pigeon, which gives you an incredible stretch in your upper thigh.  I quite enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is another quick class.  Funny to think that I think of an hour long class as quick…but it really does fly by and when you’re holding postures twice like today rather than once like tomorrow, you sure do sweat A LOT more.  I find that my endurance isn’t as great in the 90-minute class compared to the 60-minute class.

OH!  I almost forgot, the competition thing has started at the studio.  I think it is for 6 weeks.  But basically I commit to going to that studio for however many times a week and then after 6 weeks, there is a drawing to win a free yoga mat, another yoga accessory or even free classes.  I don’t have the greatest luck in winning things like this, but I figured I would participate as it will help me keep my 2010 commitment – yoga 5 days a week.