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Day 120 – Heavy Breather

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
Fixed Firm pose or Supta-Vajrasana

Fixed Firm pose or Supta-Vajrasana 8/10/10

So I do my best to really not be annoyed when someone is breathing so loud the whole room can hear them (over the fans that are spitting out all the hot air, mind you), but I couldn’t focus on me until floor postures yesterday until I was able to get far enough away from the heavy breather. I’ve been told by my boyfriend that heavy breathers don’t know they’re breathing heavy but I have no idea how you couldn’t hear it. The annoyance factor is so bad that I get this feeling throughout my body that I want to scream and wonder if the instructor had actually touched me if I would have.

Today’s posture is Fixed Firm pose or Supta-Vajrasana pose which I’m really struggling with because my knees are so tight. It isn’t a pretty site.  Actually, I haven’t progressed much since the photo that was taken on 8/10/10.  I am frustrated because my doctor told me that my knee problem was something like “Theatre seater knee syndrome” which is just ridiculous, because they hurt in a number of areas – not only when I am sitting down.  I will just push through it though as I don’t feel like beating a dead horse.

So overall class was OK yesterday. I was highly distracted and class seemed to drag on because of my annoyance factor.

Hopefully Friday will be better.