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Day 121 – F’in Headache

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

I hate headaches. Hate them!  I also hate the cold. If I could have it my way I would live in weather that never got below 30 degrees.

I woke up yesterday morning to go to the 6am yoga class and my cramps were so bad, I decided to sleep more and go at 9am.

My cramps are really bad before my period starts and only happen about once a quarter. It’s not fun – but I’ve read that if you exercise through it all the better.

So I got up at 7:45am and headed to yoga at 8:30am.

People in the 9am class are much more talkative prior to class starting which much be because there seems to be a lot of regulars (and lots of men yesterday).

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

There were 23 people in class with me today but I got a spot up front so wasn’t completely aware of all the folks behind me – just the way I like it.

Today’s posture is half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana. Not much to say on that other than I think that it’ll be a miracle if I can ever do this posture with my butt touching my heals.

After class was over I didn’t have cramps – but they did come back later. I did though have a horrible, horrible headache the rest of the day and that always happens when I go to the 90 minute class. Drives me crazy. That’s why I’m skipping class today – as there’s no 60 minute available.

I’ll go tomorrow morning hopefully.

Any insight on why I get headaches for the rest of the day after 90 minute classes?