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Day 15 – Distracted

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

It is so exciting that it is Friday, mostly because the idea of sleeping for as long as I want tomorrow is very intriguing and rewarding.  I do love doing this yoga thing again and am starting to see and feel results, but I have to be honest that sometimes I would really prefer to stay in my bed for just 1 more hour.

I think I’ve made a friend in Yoga class.  My sister is attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and this summer before she decided where she wanted to go, we were in Colorado and I picked up this super soft CU Buffs t-shirt.  I LOVE THEM.  They are long (so no worries about your muffin top or butt crack beign exposed) and they are so so soft!  Anyway, she asked me if I was from Colorado because I wear that t-shirt (WASHED OF COURSE!!) everyday.  So she thought I was obsessed with Colorado.  Not the case.  Obsessed with New Mexico, now that’s a different story…

Anyway, I explained to her that I love the shirts because they are long and cover me.  She then told me how she was going to Colorado that weekend for a family reunion of sorts.  So today I arrived to class a few minutes early (SHOCKER) and put my mat down by hers and asked her how her trip was.

We ended up talking for awhile longer and I found out that she has a 3-year old and a 3-month old.  She was saying how her 3-month old is 20 lbs. and when she saw that I wasn’t astonished by that fact, she said that 20 lbs. is more like the weight of a 6-month old.  I asked if she was breast feeding and when she said that she was, I told her she has super milk if the babe is 20 lbs. 

Well, the very fact that it was 6:20am and she was standing in front of me and was breast feeding totally distracted me for the rest of my class.  I was unbalanced and unfocused.  Of course, it didn’t help that I was in the third row, as I am usually in the first row closest to the mirror.  Class was a little more full than normal today.

Anyway, I kept wondering how she made it to the 6:20am class – and was always on time.  She must get up at some horrific hour to breast feed that child.  And then I wondered if she had to strap down her boobs for yoga so they didn’t leak all over the place.  I was really curious about that.  So if I get a chance again, you’d better believe I will be asking.  She does zip out of there when the class is over, no doubt to make it home in time so her husband can get to work.

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Today’s photo is of Standing Bow Pulling, which, ironically is very appropriate for today. 

The angle on this photo is horrible (and I look horrible) because the room is small and Bill couldn’t get back very far, but usually you have to hold this pose for 60 seconds and today I couldn’t hold it for 10 seconds without wobbling and falling out of it.  It was horrible!  Anyway, I would have preferred to have another go in this pose so that I wouldn’t have had to feel disappointed about not making it the full 60 seconds, but I suppose I have time next week to try again.

Have a good weekend!