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Day 2 – Nausea

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
Hands on Feet Close-up

Hands on Feet Close-up

Today is Tuesday, so of course the class was 90-minutes.  Today’s instructor was Lisa.

I like her a lot.  She is a hands-on teacher.  She likes to help you go further in postures and will also attempt to pop your back or massage it in some of the floor Bikram Yoga poses, which is always a nice treat!

I remember when I was first broken up with my boyfriend, I felt so alone and humiliated and just the quick 30-second massage of my yoga instructor made me feel loved.  I know that sounds lame, but my goal with this blog is to really treat it like a blog and share my feelings like that…no matter how lame they are!

I did have a big problem with nausea today.  I don’t know why and if you guys have any suggestions – like, it must have been what I ate or drank last night (I didn’t have alcohol last night), I would be curious to know your suggestions.

Of course, there are always the Bikram Yoga poses that make you a little nauseated like the Camel and what not, but I swear it was like every freakin’ pose this time.

I also liked Lisa’s class today because she lets you do a number of different yoga positions and suggests different ones to spice it up a bit.  I appreciate this, especially when I am doing the same 26 postures over and over again.

Tomorrow is only a 60-minute class that lasts until 7:30am.  Maria is the instructor.  She rocks.  Looking forward to a shorter class and a great instructor.