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Day 3 – Annoyed

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I really hate when people aren’t observant and therefore can be inconsiderate of other people.  This happens to me on a daily basis when driving.  And honestly, I am giving people the benefit of the doubt by saying that they aren’t observant and are therefore inconsiderate.

So today in yoga, at the 6:20am classs there were probably 20 people in the room.  I really am not used to that class being that popular, but it sort of makes sense because it is the new year and it is only 1 hour long and therefore, somewhat enticing.  I wonder how long the extra people will last – that is, how long New Year’s resolutions will last.   I guess I probably look like a New Year’s resolution myself, but really it is more like a Graves Disease resolution.

Anyway, I suppose it is hard to explain what happened today without photos and you actually being there, but this lady seemed to be completely unaware of me and that I needed “space” in the mirror.  I find it terribly inconsiderate.  This is a perfect reason why I prefer to be in the front of the class and not in the back.  If I am in the front of the class, I can adjust myself so that folks behind me can see themselves in the mirror.  I suppose if you have taken yoga then you understand what I am talking about.

It seems  a bit silly to be so interested in being able to see myself in the mirror.  I mean, believe me you that I do not want to really look at my fatass, but being able to see myself in the mirror does certainly help me make sure I am doing the posture right.

Speaking of that, it irritates the hell out of me when people continue to do postures wrong.  Even if the instructor tells them to keep their arms plastered to their ears, they will still be in their daze and not register.  I seriously wonder if these folks have random pains from doing the postures wrong.

Although I do appreciate the short 60-minute class, I have come to find that I cannot get as deep in the Bikram Yoga poses as I would like.  Since my body doesn’t get as stretched out and limber, I end up not being able to go as far in the Bikram Yoga postures that I usually can go in!

After yoga, I worked out with my personal trainer for 1 hour.  I used to go to him 3 times a week, but I reduced it to two times a week because with yoga five times a week, my body is just tired.  I also don’t feel like I get the benefit from weight lifting that I get from yoga.  When I told him that I was going to cancel Fridays, he asked me what I was going to do for cardio.  I said, “Yoga”.  And then he said that yoga isn’t cardio.  And I would have to disagree with that one, I think.  My heart beats more in a yoga class than it does on a walk.  I need to wear a heart rate monitor and see what the deal is with the cardio comment.  Too bad I cannot bring in a pad of paper and record my various heart rates.  Now, that would be interesting!

So if you have proof on how yoga is cardio, please go ahead and leave a comment and let me know what you think!  Bye until tomorrow.