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Day 31 – Chips

Friday, February 19th, 2010
Head to Knee Pose

Head to Knee Pose

Some folks have chips on their shoulders, you know?  Remember the guy I told you about the other day?  The one that thought that the Yoga Challenge was a competition?  He couldn’t even look at me today after class.  Ridiculous!  I was just trying to make eye contact to say, “Good Morning.”  Oh well, cannot win them all folks.

So I started this post the other day and then didn’t get a chance to get it done.

I am dragging out the photos because Bill is in Chicago, and as my prime photographer, he cannot take photos from Chicago.  So, when he is back, I will get him to do my next round of photo shoots.

This is the Head to Knee Pose is usually one of my better poses.  Recently, it’s been tough since I heard the “Pop, Pop, Pop!” of my hamstring.  My hamstring is a little tight and therefore, I cannot stretch it as far.  So bascially in this pose, my left leg is extended out, my right knee is bent, and the sole of my right foot is touching the inner knee of my left leg.  The idea is to get my hair line touch my knee, while my foot is extended out and lifted from the floor.  It lifts from the floor because your quad ends up being so flexed that it lifts it up off the floor.

I am behind by three posts, so I will go write those now.  Namaste.