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Day 32 – Tired

Friday, February 19th, 2010
Head to Knee Pose

Head to Knee Pose

Today I decided to go to the 9am class because the 6:30am was just sounding too early this morning.  As I have said before, it is always interesting that the 6:30am class is all men and the 9am seems to be all women, with a few members of the opposite sex scattered in.  I do not care for the fact that the 9am class usually has a bigger turn out.  I like the smaller classes.  Actually, I heard the other day that the 6pm class had 30 people in it!  I would just die!

Well, really, if I am in the front of the room and only have the mirror to look at, then I can more easily forget about the rest of the folks in the class.  So I am trying to come to the later classes like the 9ams, 15-20 minutes early, so that I get a front row seat.

This is the look of the Head to Knee pose from the other side – you can see how one knee sticks out while the other leg is straight.