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Day 6 – Back In The Studio

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I was actually pretty excited to get back in the studio today.  I think I woke up at 4am, and then tried to go back to bed.  I was ready to stretch and have my heart beat fast and be in a warm room doing it!

Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose

There is something about that warm/hot room in the winter that makes it sooo inviting.  I fear that it will not be as inviting this summer, however.

Speaking of looking forward, today I signed the contract for 12 months of yoga for $90/month.  So I am totally financially committed now as well.  It sort f makes me anxious, but keeping this blog will keep me dedicated to the goal of getting my body back in shape.

To the right, you’ll notice that I am doing the half moon pose.  This photo is from the photo shoot we did on day 5.  I have been told I have a decent Half Moon Pose, however, this one is horrible.  Since I didn’t have a mirror, I couldn’t tell where my hips were.  They aren’t aligned and look horrible.  I think next time I do this photo shoot, I might have to do it after a session of yoga, as I am also not terribly limber in this pose.  I did such a better job this morning in class!

Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class

Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class Book

You can get a better idea of how this pose is supposed to look by having a look through Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class.  It is a great book that shows the basic yoga poses of Bikram’s class and includes advanced Bikram yoga postures as well.  I reference it all the time. 

So back to class this morning…since it’s Monday, the class was only 60 minutes, which is always refreshing, but at the same time, my first round of some of the basic yoga poses doesn’t go as deep as I would like them to go, so I would appreciate a second round.  I guess I will get that chance tomorrow.

I do not know the name of the instructor that taught today.  He has a very sexy voice, so it is nice to hear that when you are concentrating in your postures.  The instructor is usually a student in the class, so I am not sure if the regular teacher didn’t show or what!  But no complaints, I like his class and think he does an excellent job.  Lisa is tomorrow.  Love her classes!