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Day 80 – Why SO Busy?

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
Balancing Stick Pose or Tuladandasana

Balancing Stick Pose or Tuladandasana

So I was going to go to yoga on Tuesday, but Bill grilled veggies on Monday night and also roasted some garlic in the process.  Garlic is something I cannot say no to – but should!  By midnight, I was ripping too many farts to even brave the uncomfortable-ness of Tuesday morning yoga, so I didn’t.

Went this morning, obviously and it was packed.  Well, packed for 6am-ers.  It was okay though because I got my spot up front.  I am curious why some days it is packed and other days it is not.  Makes me wonder if it has something to do with the weather or if it has something to do with times of the month or what.  I am sure the studio owner is curious too…or perhaps she already knows.

I’m on the rag, so not feeling all that great with cramps and what not.  Also, I’ve acquired one hell of a shin splint from running…so that was interesting today – it’s pretty hard to stretch a shin splint, so just dealt with the paralyzing pain of that.

Today’s pose is Balancing Stick Pose or Tuladandasana.  I feel like I am gaining more strength in this pose, but still have a ways to go.  I do not care for the photo of this one, as my clothing hanging makes it look like my belly is HUGE and that my crotch is too!  Namaste.