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Day 58 – Tight

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Bow Pose

Bow Pose - Dhanurasana 2/22/10

 The weekend is not my friend.  I always struggle in Monday morning classes – more so because of my tightness than anything else.  I have debated whether or not to attend classes on the weekend, but I think I need the break too.  What I would love to have is a hot yoga room in my house.  I have always wanted that – with mirrors, etc.  I wonder how much that would cost.  I certainly wouldn’t do it in the house I am in now, as it is much too small, but some day I think it would be great to have it.  It would be like a sauna with mirrors. 

Bow Pose - Dhanurasana 2/22/10

Bow Pose - Dhanurasana 2/22/10

Today’s pose is the Bow Pose or Dhanurasana.  Ever since my trip to Arkansas this one has hurt my left knee, so I am not able to get into as much as I would like.  Well, I could get deeper into it, but I need to let my knee repair a bit before going any further in it. It’s no wonder why there is a little kid doing this pose in Bikram’s Yoga book – as it does take a bit of flexibility to get into this one.

So something I have been meaning to cover in these posts is the amount of calories that you burn in hot yoga class – afterall, this is supposed to be a loss weight yoga thing for me.  I remember in January when I asked one of the instructors if they thought hot yoga was a cardio workout – they seemed annoyed by the question and said that it reminded them of “how many calories do you burn in yoga?”  She did say that she thinks it is around 600.  But, as we all know, it depends on a lot of factors, namely weight and amount of time burning the calories. My friend Google to the rescue.  Check out this awesome Australian site where you can enter your weight and the amount of time the class was.  Calories Burn Calculator.  Just did mine.  It says I burned 1025 calories in class today, holy cow.  I am not sure how accurate that is.  That means in a 90-minute class, I burn 1538.  Whoa nelly.

Bow Pose - Dhanurasana 1/8/10

Bow Pose - Dhanurasana 1/8/10

Class was pretty packed this morning.  I was surprised.  It was a nice Spring morning, so I figured there wouldn’t be as many folks in class.  Perhaps there were a few feeling bad about a few too many deviled eggs on Easter?  Or maybe too many Peeps. 


Loss Weight Yoga

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

If you are overweight and have tried all the diet plans and weight loss programs with little success, try loss weight yoga, which is considered the safest and most reliable method of losing weight. Most of us have tried and failed miserably in losing weight by following stupid diet plans and programs that only succeed in making the human body ill. Yoga, which is one of the most ancient forms of exercise, combines both physical and spiritual aspects and helps you achieve not just a healthy body but also spiritual contentment.

There are a number of postures in yoga that stretch your body and increase your flexibility and strength. All these stretches help burn a lot of fat over a period of time and you will start losing weight and gaining confidence. There are also hot yoga girl videos which will help you learn the various poses in a simple but effective manner.

There are a number of free yoga positions that can be practiced both by beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. There are a number of positions that can be done standing, sitting or lying down on the yoga mat. It is very important that you maintain the correct breathing technique while doing any yoga asana. Different yoga poses target different parts of the human body and if you practice them diligently, the results are bound to be great. It is one of the best ways of losing weight.

Ashtanga yoga and power yoga are considered the most effective forms of yoga which will help you achieve the dream of losing weight and regain your lost confidence. Yoga is a holistic way of shedding that excess weight that you hate, as it is not just a physical exercise but an all inclusive way of targeting your mind, body and soul.

Welcome to!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Welcome to!  Yoga2010 is my journey through yoga in 2010.  I am a 30-year old female who lives in the midwest.  I have recently been deemed in remission from Graves Disease and have decided to claim my body again.

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2002 and it was a long journey to recovery.  I ended up having insatiable cravings that made me gain too much weight.  In spite of my efforts to have great will power and self-control, the cravings took over and I gained a lot of weight. 

So, on November 7, 2009 when I was deemed in remission from Graves’ Disease, I started thinking about what I wanted to do to get the weight off.  I decided I would return to Yoga.

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

I started doing Yoga in 2004 when a guy that I was dating broke up with me, and I needed something to clear my mind.  Interestingly enough, my cravings weren’t as bad then.  So I wasn’t as fat as I am now.  I will post a photo of me some day soon, so stay tuned to see my fatass.

Oh, I meant to mention that I go to a Hot Yoga studio where they do the 26 Bikram Yoga poses.  This pose (that I’m doing in the photo) is the Standing Bow Pulling Pose or “Dandayamana-Dhanurasana”.  I suppose in this photo I am in between a beginner yoga pose and an advanced yoga position.  I haven’t completely achieved the complete position, but by the end of 2010, I hope to do so.  Okay, really, if I cannot achieve it by 6 months into this year, what in the hell am I doing?
So, the reason I think I will be able to get to the maximum in that position is that my goal is to go do yoga 5 times a week.  I expect you guys to hold me to that!!  I want to go to a studio 5 times a week, but I can already tell you that I am not sure if that will always happen, so I am just going with 5x a week.
Today is January 1, but I am not starting until Monday, January 4, 2010.  Not to worry, I didn’t have too much to drink last night, but I don’t want to go to the studio today because they are only having one class that is at 10am and is free!!
If there is one thing I hate about yoga studio classes, it is a full class!  UGH!  Claustrophobia!  So I decided to wait until the week.  Also, I have that mindset that you work during the week and rest on the weekends, so I only want to do yoga Monday through Friday.  My hope is that I will want to do yoga on the weekends too…but for now, it is just on the week days.
Oh, which reminds me.  I have 3 websites, this is my fourth.  Actually, all my websites are blogs, or all my blogs are websites, however you want to say it.  I work to be proper and say the right things on my other websites since they are more professional, however, this one is for me…and my journey through yoga in 2010, so I will have typos, cuss words and other fallacies.
The thing is, folks, when it comes down to it, I am a really good person.  HOWEVER, I do criticize, I do cuss and by golly, I am way too blunt sometimes.  For those reasons, you might really enjoy reading this blog.  If that’s the case, please don’t hesitate to sign up for e-mail updates (upper right hand corner).  Also, I love comments!  Leave them below for me, please!  Please do join me on my journey to become a hot yoga girl in 2010!