Day 102 – Right On Top of Things

Hands to Feet Pose or Pada-Hastasana 8/10/10

Hands to Feet Pose or Pada-Hastasana 8/10/10

Yup, that’s right – this is the post from last Friday morning’s class.  Right on top of things, as you can tell.  I really love writing but with my new business, I do a lot of it, so when it comes time to write this blog sometimes it is put on hold for some time and for those of you who enjoy reading my posts, I apologize for that.

I barely remember class from Friday and that’s probably how it should be.  It was Aaron’s class, so no doubt it flew by and I had a nice time. 

So let’s just skip to the posture for this post.  That would be Hands to Feet Pose or Pada-Hastasana.  Look at that wide ass.  Jesus.  Gotta love it. 

Hands to Feet Pose or Pada-Hastasana 8/10/10

Hands to Feet Pose or Pada-Hastasana 8/10/10

In fact, I go to the Mayo Clinic on October 19th for my re-check on my thyroid.  It’s almost been a year since I was deemed in remission.  I felt FANTASTIC for the first few months, but am at the point where I am not feeling so hot, so I am anxious to get my blood taken and see if I am hypothyroid at all.  I may be slightly, but not completely.  I think I’m not completely because I remember how exhausted I felt when I was completely hypothyroid.  Of course, now I don’t have the medication to play around with.

So I’ve done the math.  If you read the “About” section of this website/blog thingy, then you’ll notice that I committed to writing 5x a week.  Ha!  That has NOT happened.  And watch how I committed to writing, not necessary yogaing.  But I meant that I wanted to yoga.  So that would have been 260 days of Yoga.  Um, I am not going to make that.  Today is day 103 (haven’t written the post yet) and there’s only a little more than 90 days left in the year.   In hindsight, I hope this year is preparing me for 5 times a week next year – not writing, but going to Yoga.

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  1. "Integrator" says:

    Are you having Hashimoto’s disease?

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