Day 111 – Highly Irritated

Trikanasana or Triangle Pose 8/10/10

Trikanasana or Triangle Pose 8/10/10

I laid in bed this morning debating whether or not to get up for yoga. I finally did and was totally annoyed and irritated the whole time.

When I go to an evening class getting up for the morning one is pretty brutal – my body hurts and I have no energy. So I’ve tried to go to the afternoon ones and then the morning ones the next day so there’s more like 12 hours in between. I’ve gotta figure out what to do as I found going only to the 60 minute ones didn’t help in the weightloss department nor did they help in the flexibility department.

Today’s Bikram yoga pose is the Bikram Triangle or Trikanasana. Man, Julia really kicks my ASS in this pose. Julia was yesterday afternoon’s teacher. Today was Maria. I think why Julia really kicks my ass in this pose is because she holds warrior for so long. Standing in warrior really tests my strength and endurance.

Trikanasana or Triangle Pose 8/10/10

Trikanasana or Triangle Pose 8/10/10

I’m confident with my Bikram Triangle pose – I’d just like to have more strength which I think will build over time especially with the changing of teachers.


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2 Responses to “Day 111 – Highly Irritated”

  1. Jenny,

    I’ve always wanted to try Bikram…I’ve heard its a great workout and pretty hard. I think once your flexibility builds with normal yoga, it’s not as good of a workout for weight loss, so i agree with you. Let me know if you like it! Your triangle pose looks really good in the second picture – I think its important to keep your back leg straight. LOVE your yoga pose pics, please keep posting!


    • Jenny says:


      It is a fantastic workout. I did not go today though because I am exhausted – so much so that I am wondering if I have mono. I think it could be good for weight loss if I didn’t have the stress in my life, but right now I am using it more as meditation and am opportunity to clear toxins.

      I do like Bikram – it is the only workout that I have found that is comparable to running without actually running. In other words, I have the endorphin rush after it that I do after running.

      I played in an alumni field hockey game a few years back and then another year when I was doing Bikram. The first year I was sore and awful, the second year, I couldn’t even tell I had played FH the day before – that’s how in shape I was.

      Thanks for the compliments on the triangle pose – those were taken 8/10 – much better now that my knees don’t hurt as much. My right knee was bugging me then. Also, my mom wasn’t experienced in knowing how to take them, so they will be different with Bill taking them.


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