Day 125 – Two Weeks Left

Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose

Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose 8/10/10

There were 7 people in yoga yesterday morning including moi. Barbara was the teacher although I’m not really sure if that’s her name or if it’s Beth, as someone called her the other day. There’s a board in the reception area that has all the instructors and TAs on it – so I could definitely look at that, but do I?  No, of course, not.  Forget every time.

There wasn’t much to class yesterday – I was swore and again hating myself for taking a week off.  And again telling myself over and over again to just make it a habit. 

I have to say that I have had a love/hate relationship with this blog.  I am currently in the “hate” mode of it all because I hate that I made this commitment because I feel obligated when I don’t have time to be obligated to sit and write a post about it.  I have tried to change my attitude, but it isn’t working – so right now I am looking very forward to the end of my year with this blog.  I don’t even think I will update photos because there hasn’t been a lot of progress and the whole photo taking process is about 3 hours when you consider taking of the photos, the downloading and the uploading.  It’s a total PIA – I know it makes for a more interesting blog.

I really had high hopes for this blog – I wanted it to be great and even make a movie out of it like the whole Julie and Julia thing.  I thought I would have slimmed down and gained a better perspective on life.  I haven’t done either.  I suppose it’s years of practice that gets you there – but of course, I wanted it to happen in this year so that I could become addicted to it forever.

I plan on going tomorrow.  That could change between now and then.


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