Day 13 – Smelly

A friend of mine has always had smelly shoes.  She doesn’t like to wear socks with her shoes, especially her running shoes, so they really smell horrible.  But it is one of those horrible smells that you get accustomed to and sort of like because you like the person so much. 

Yoga Charlie

Yoga Charlie

Sorta reminds me of my like/dislike for cat’s breath.  If you’ve ever smelled it you know why I have a dislike, but I sort of like it too.  And ever since I was told by my vet that if you know your cat’s breath smell, then you will be able to tell when they have renal failure (because their breath changes smell), I have become more interested in my cat’s breath.  Charlie is one of my cats in the photo.  When Bill and I had our photo session, Charlie wanted to participate, so I snapped this one of him really quickly.

So back to the smelly thing.  So today while in one of the standing basic yoga poses, I got this smell, very similar to the smell of my friend’s shoes.  At first it made me smile, thinking of my friend, but then after smelling it breath after breath, I was disgusted.  So I must have thought about it the rest of my standing poses.  I came to the conclusion that the older gentleman behind me must wear his pants and not wash them and as soon as they become saturated in his sweat again, they evaporate, releasing that stench into the air.

Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose

Then it made me think about how you would go about “demanding” that someone wash their pants.  I am not sure there is a way, but I really REALLY think it is RUDE to go into a room that is 108 degrees with at least 15 people and expect them to smell your sweat rehydrated!  So any suggestions you guys have about how I could tackle that issue, I’d appreciate it.  I do know the owner of the studio and would be happy to approach the instructor, I just wouldn’t want them thinking I was some sort of crazy freak.  I would imagine how I felt today is much like a pregnant woman feels when she smells a smell that she finds nauseating. 

TODAY’S PHOTO!  I know you’re excited to get two photos today because there was a big fat ZERO yesterday.  This is Eagle Pose.  Eagle pose has never been my friend.  I have never been able to wrap my foot around my standing leg no matter how skinny I am!!  I work at it too.  So you’d better believe that I want that foot to wrap around my standing leg come the end of 2010!  You will notice that my fingers are not lined up.  This is another problem that I have, but have no doubt they will be lined up soon – that is something that doesn’t take me too long.

A friend of mine who is reading this blog, suggested that I do a tour around the country to different yoga studios.  That would be fun!  So I think the best way to get started on that is to collect suggestions of your favorite studio or studios you like.  Of course, I don’t have the money to do that either, so I’ll have to figure that one out as well.  I’ve got 11 months to go, so where there is a will, there is a way!

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