Day 34 – Companionship

Spine Twisting Pose

Spine Twisting Pose

My boyfriend, Bill, said that he wanted to go to yoga with me today, so I didn’t go until the 4:30pm class!  It was rough going in the down part of my day, but I tell you, I could go a lot further in the Bikram yoga postures than I can at 6:30am. It was nice to have Bill in class.  The instructor was the one from Russia who always corrects my triangle pose.  I have never understood why she corrects it (as it doesn’t feel any harder when she does – feels like I am not doing anything), but Bill said because I don’t have my hips right.  So that’s interesting.

I am not a big fan of the bigger classes,which is usually the case for the evening or night classes.  But Bill and I snagged a spot in the front of the room, so it was OKAY.

So the good news is that after class, Bill took a whole new round of photos – which will start tomorrow.

Spine Twisting Pose

Spine Twisting Pose

I am going to do my best to remember to include the photo taken in January with the photo taken today, so hopefully you can see the progression in my body changing and my Bikram yoga poses.

So today’s photo and the last of the first set series, is the spine twisting pose.  I used to be able to completely grab onto my knee in this pose, but am not there yet…even today am not there yet.  When I see other folks do this pose, it doesn’t seem like they are trying at all…whereas there are a select few that are trying.  Do you try really hard in this pose?


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