Day 36 – OMG

Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose

I really love that saying, “OMG.”  I like to spell out the letters when I say it too.  I just think it is funny.  And it sounds super snotty sometimes right when I need it to.

Today was BEYOND pathetic.  I felt like I hadn’t been in yoga for years.  My flexibility was gone, my stamina, everything – gone.  It was so bizarre and so disappointing.

I have heard many instructors say, “Mind your body.  Your body is your temple and listen to your body each and every day.”  So I listened and got annoyed by all it’s talking!

Half Moon Pose Other Way

Half Moon Pose Other Way

I don’t really know what it was and the entire class, of course, I sat there and analyzed what I did on Tuesday that would have made my body respond that way.

I’ve come to decide that it wasn’t Tuesday, but must have been from Monday’s late afternoon Yoga session and then my photo shoot afterwards.  So some reason that photo shoot made me very tired and almost exhausted.

Today’s photos from that photo shoot are of the Half Moon Pose, which I am always a bit embarrassed to show because I do not have a mirror, so these are always a little bit off.  I can tell my hips aren’t square, toes aren’t aligned, etc.  It’s not too fun.  And when we look at the half moon pose from 1-8-10, there really isn’t that much improvement.

Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose on 1-8-10

Does anyone know when I should expect to see drastic improvement? I mean am I just letting myself down by comparing now…should I only compare at like 4 months into it?

I guess my hips are a little better lined up, so maybe naturally I am knowing how my  hips should align.  But on 1-8-10, I could have had them aligned if I would have had a proper mirror.  With that said, I do know that I have better endurance in the posture.

There are a new person in class today.  I always wonder how in the world someone comes to a 6:20am class for their first class.  I also sorta feel bad for them because it is only the hour long class, so they don’t know the brutality of a 90 minute class.

Half Moon Pose Other Way 1-8-10

Half Moon Pose Other Way 1-8-10

Oh! That’s the other thing!  I barely sweat today, which was annoying.

I guess I will hope that tomorrow is better.  It’s a 90 minute class, so there is hope.  I do think I need to get more rest.  I haven’t been sleeping all that soundly.

Last week I took 2 acetaminophen every night before I went to bed and slept through the night, which was wonderful.  But then I all of a sudden had chest pains.  Ever since my Graves Disease I cannot handle pain killers.  Advil makes me feel like I am in labor (well, what I imagine what labor must feel like – as I have never actually experienced it).  So frustrating, as  I think a good night’s rest would be ideal.  There’s always hope for Saturday.  Namaste.

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