Day 39 – Tight

Hands to Feet Pose 2/22/10

Hands to Feet Pose 2/22/10

So I was in the middle of class this morning and realized that  I shouldn’t post late on Saturday nights because I said that the Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose was the final pose in Bikram yoga postures’ half moon series.  Wow.  That was inaccurate.  So I then threw around ideas of how I would correct that in the blog.  And I finally decided I would just continue on, offering the final posture in the half moon series today instead and maybe I will skip Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose when it comes up.

So today’s pose is hands to feet pose.  Unfortunately, I haven’t advanced much in this pose either due to the “Pop, pop, pop” episode as well.  I also find it difficult to get my forehead touching my knees or shins in this posture, as the instructor often tells us to do.  Well, actually, I have only heard that out of a male instructor and I think the reason for that is that he doesn’t have boobs.  There just isn’t a way to get your forehead to your knees or shins when you have boobs, unless you don’t want to advance in the posture.

Hands to Feet Pose 1/8/10

Hands to Feet Pose 1/8/10

Today in class we were doing the final breathing and in between the first and second set, Steve mentioned something about avoiding “wind stitches”.  I was perplexed and wondered if I heard him right.  But, I caught him after class, and sure enough, it is “wind stitches” – so how many of you know what those are?  He sort of explained them, but it was more visual, so I’m not able to repeat it here, so Google to the rescue.  OMG.  Google doesn’t have anything!  WOW.  Well, anyway, it was similar to little cramps that run horizontally across your tummy.  Not sure if that makes sense.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Hubby is coming home soon from Iraq and will be retireing…YEAH, but is asking about somethig to help with his back! Looking for some ways to correct his posture and came across your blog. Will bookmark it and check back….keep updating though.

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