Day 4 – Snow Day!

Tapas Ultra Mat and Yogitoes Towel

Tapas Ultra Mat and Yogitoes Towel

Woke up at 6am today and immediately called the number for the studio because I wanted to make sure that class was still on. 

The studio has a single owner and is the only location, so it is nice small business situation.  The owner had recorded a message saying class was canceled for the 6am class, so I decided to take a snow day!  It was really nice to go back to bed for a few hours.

I had a seminar to attend at 11am, so I couldn’t make the 9am class and then the seminar was canceled too…so I could have made the 9am class in hindsight, but without knowing I didn’t.

Since my body is getting a lot of exercise all of a sudden, I figured a day of rest wouldn’t be too bad!  I’ll get back at it tomorrow and then have the weekend to really recover. I always feel skinnier when I have a chance to recover from workouts.

Also, most times when I take a day of rest, I can get into more advanced yoga positions the next class, which is exciting.

I wanted to get suggestions on what you thought was the best yoga mat.  I have always been a fan of Hugger Mugger made by Tapas.  They end up being great yoga sticky mats.

Of course, I think you can use whatever mat (even ones that you can buy at Target), as long as you have a Yogitoes Towel!  Those things rock!  I have them in Yellow, Pink, White and Green.  I love them all and it is fun to switch them up depending on my mood. Seriously, though, you do not need to have a super sticky mat when you have the Yogitoes!

They also make a hand towel, if you are interested. I just use a regular hand towel:

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