Day 47 – Goddamn Gas

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

So I have started a probiotic today in hopes that it will help my digestive system that likes to act up in the morning.  I really do suffer from the gas.  It is miserable trying to hold it in, in a physical sense and also sorta miserable to have the anxiety of letting one rip on the middle of class.

Bill is a teacher and is on Spring Break for the next few weeks, so he joined me for Yoga this morning at 6:20am. 

Today’s pose is Standing Bow Pulling Pose.  A new challenge I have in this pose is keeping my hip alligned, so that one hip doesn’t pop up.  You can see that I didn’t get that accomplished in this photo from 2/22/10.  It will be something I work on for months.  My left side will happen more quickly than my right side.  I think if I went to more 90 minute classes (because there are two rounds of everything) that it would happen more quickly than going to the 60 minutes.  But I do like the 60 minutes, as they tend to fly by.

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow Pulling Pose 2/22/10

There are only three days of Yoga this week because Bill and I are headed to Arkansas for a few days, so I will be MIA from March 18-22.  I plan on going to Yoga on the 17th, but no promises that I will have time to post about it, as we are driving and the sooner we get outta here, the sooner we can relax in Arkansas.

Class was pretty full this morning and we had Lauren as an instructor.  She usually teaches the 9am classes, so there must not have been any instructors available.  It was refreshing though because all the 6:20 MWF instructors never actually walk around class and look at everyone’s postures.  They do class with you, which is fun too…but there are folks who only attend the 6:20 MWF, and therefore never get corrected in their postures.  So there was a lot of learning by everyone today.  She didn’t correct me in any of my postures, but she most certainly could have.  I am by no means perfect in my postures.

Standing Bow Pulling Pose 1/8/10

Standing Bow Pulling Pose 1/8/10

I have discovered that my Rabbit is getting really bad in the morning and also when it’s the 6:20am classes because we only do 1 set of most of the postures.


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