Day 55 – Yucky

Wind Removing Pose Right Leg 2/22/10

Wind Removing Pose Right Leg 2/22/10

I wasn’t feeling smokin’ hot this morning in class.  Gas again.  Goddamn gas.  It really has to do with what I ate – I know – SHOCKER.  I take a class on Tuesday nights, so I ended up having some pasta and breadsticks that they had to eat.  Big mistake.  Bad idea.

So my genius ass got out of order on the poses again.  I should have done the wind removing pose (pavanamuktasana) after the tree pose.  Whoops.

Wind Removing Pose 1/8/2010

Wind Removing Pose 1/8/2010

So as we go backwards, here’s me in the wind removing pose – there’s really no reason to show the left leg, as it looks pretty similar, i.e. not pretty.

Not sure on the progress on this one.  My leg that is extended should have a flexed foot – foot flexed up – not pointing out as it is.  I do feel like my knee is getting closer to my shoulder.  The back of my neck, though, is not touching the floor – but I know it can!  I have gotten that far before.

I’m tired.  It’s late.  I’ve gotta get up at 6am.  Namaste.

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