Day 57 – Fireass

Full Locust (Front View) 2/22/10

Full Locust (Front View) 2/22/10

Last night Bill and I went out to dinner with my dad.  I had an organic, free range chicken breast with butternut squash risotto and a side of broccoli.  Doesn’t sound too bad, right?  Well, then Bill and I went to get a milkshake afterward – my idea, of course.   I think the milkshake is what instigated the fireass today in class.  Fireass = diarrhea.

Full Locust Pose 2/22/10

Full Locust Pose 2/22/10

I was in the middle of doing beginning breathing and my stomach was turning and there were only like 8 people in class – I didn’t focus on people count today because I was more worried about exploding.

So I made it to the floor postures and then in the middle of Locust Pose, I thought I was in big trouble, little China.  So I left class and headed to the bathroom – sure enough, took care of business and actually made the rest of class all the more pleasant, which is exactly what I should have done in the first place!  Then I wouldn’t have had to suffer through class that long.  Ugh.

Full Locust Pose 1/8/10

Full Locust Pose 1/8/10

I debate whether or not to write these things on my blog, but I figure this is my journey through yoga, and it’s all part of the journey.  I think yoga is helping me understand what my body can handle and what it cannot.  I am wondering now if I am lactose intolerant.  Any ideas readers?

Today’s pose is the Full Locust Pose.  I am not sure if I have advanced much in this pose.  I am not sure how much advancing that you can do other than to feel stronger in it.  I don’t.  I don’t because I am always so tired from locust pose, that I’m just excited I can keep myself up.

Okay, so there is more advancement to this pose – you can check it out on Bikram’s website.

Well, I made it.  5 days this week.  4 weeks to go of trying to meet that goal.  I’m going to do it, Charlie.  Namaste.

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2 Responses to “Day 57 – Fireass”

  1. Liz L. says:

    Oh, I love that you are completely frank about what’s going on in class.

    I know that you like comments, so I thought I would mention this. When I first found your blog, I thought there were no comments, because I was so used to finding the link at the bottom of posts, not on top.

    Something to consider?

    • Jenny says:


      I appreciate the feedback. I had not noticed that and that’s probably an issue. I might have to change the theme in order to get that to work properly.


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