Day 63 – Back In The Saddle

Rabbit Pose 2/22/10

Rabbit Pose 2/22/10

Well, for those of you who are patient followers and are still subscribed to this blog, you will be happy to know that Oliver got adopted on Saturday by a lovely family with two girls.  Oliver needed a family, as he had a lot of energy and much love to give.

So with Oliver gone, my kitties are back and I am thrilled to have them home.  I am more thrilled that Oliver found a good home and that I do not have the stress of trying to find a place for him to live.

I went to the quick 1 hour class this morning.  I was excited to have that endorphin rush that I usually experience after yoga and just the feeling of sweating your ass off.

I actually didn’t sweat all that much, but did realize that my endurance had dropped slightly – as I got weak in half moon pose – but was able to hold it the entire time anyway.

Rabbit Pose 2/22/10

Rabbit Pose 2/22/10

My muscles seemed loser, so I was able to get into postures more than I have been able to before.

Lauren was the instructor today and she found fault in some of my postures – including one of the awkward postures – and I think had I done what she told me to do that I would have fallen over and hurt my knee – that I am still trying to repair.  If you’re a Bikram yoga instructor and are reading my blog, I’d appreciate it if you could look at my feet in this awkward posture and tell me what I am doing wrong.  My instructor today told me that I wasn’t putting enough weight on my big toe.  I think I am, but it just looks like I am not because of how my legs are.  I imagine that everyone’s feet look a little different in this posture depending on how your legs are and how the arches are in your feet, for example.

Rabbit Pose 1-8-2010

Rabbit Pose 1-8-2010

Today’s pose is the Rabbit.  I hate rabbit pose.  I’ve decided I am not going to try as hard in this pose any more because I think when I try hard in this pose I end up getting a neck cramp and start to freak out because I cannot breathe through my cleavage.  I’m also mildly irritated that I cannot keep my head on my knees like I did years and years ago.

Haven’t decided if I am going to go tomorrow and try to make 5 days this week or just 4.  Lisa, tomorrow’s instructor, is always pretty intense and I feel like I need a gradual re-introduction for my knee and my stress level.


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2 Responses to “Day 63 – Back In The Saddle”

  1. Liz L. says:

    Well done, finding a home for Oliver. That was pretty saintly.

    • Jenny says:

      geez, liz, i think you’re the only one still reading this blog. i’m so embarrassed at my goal vs. what i have accomplished this month – pathetic! i am returning to yoga tomorrow morning at 6:20am! i tried yesterday but i had a horrible sinus headache. i am excited to sweat again! i figured i would start with the 1 hour class as that wouldn’t be as hard as the 90 minute. thanks for the encouragement.

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