Day 69 – Lovin’ The Afternoon Limberness!

Dead Body Pose

Dead Body Pose

With a number like 69 and bragging about my limberness – wow, if this blog wasn’t named Yoga2010 – that statement could be grossly misinterpreted.  Oh well.

There is something about afternoon classes that give me great limberness.  I like that very much.  However, the head count is something I could do without.  There were 28 people in class today – which is less than there was on Monday – but still way too many people – more people = more smells!

I tell you what, with my knee being the way it is, I feel like all I can do is beginner yoga poses – not the Bikram yoga postures that I have been working on for months.

The girl behind me and to my right had the most beautiful body – and I can only wish that mine will look like that someday.

Shangane was the instructor for today’s class.  She is originally from Russia or the former USSR – I am not sure exactly where, but somewhere in that are.  So her accent is really strong.  And at the end of class when we were in final savasana, she goes, “Don’t cheat yourself out of savasana”, but at first it sounded like, “Don’t shit yourself out of savasana” – and I thought, “Oh man, if you only know how applicable that statement is to me.”  If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning then you know my problems with gas in yoga – knock on wood, I haven’t had that problem lately.

When I came home, Bill took photos of me – so new photos soon!  Man, getting into the Bikram yoga poses after you have cooled down and trying to get into them again in a cold room in my house – not fun.  I was really tired – so the poses aren’t as good as I can do them now – but they should show some progression.

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