Day 71 – Sweatin’ In The Morning

Half Moon 5/12/10

Half Moon 5/12/10

This morning was the first time in probably 6 weeks that I have gone to Lisa’s class.  I was thinking last week in class about the instructors that I encounter in the other classes and thought about it and realized that Lisa is the only one that I know of that really helps you get into the postures and also rubs your back slightly.

I want to make a better effort to make Lisa’s classes because I really love how she helps you get into different positions – and walks around the class and helps change something you’re doing wrong.  I really enjoy that as it pains me to see people in the postures totally wrong.

Half Moon 5/12/10

Half Moon 5/12/10

I’m definitely not as flexible when it comes to yoga in the early morning hours.  Seriously it is so crazy how much your body loosens up during the day.

Oh, these half moon poses are bad news bears.  Without a mirror, I am not able to feel my hips completely to know that I am off.  It will be interesting to see as time progresses if I will be aligned without having a mirror.  I was also exhausted and weak when these photos were taken, so that didn’t help at all.

You’ll be happy to know that I finally went to the doctor today for my knee.  Of course, it didn’t hurt when I went in this morning, but it hurt after the x-rays, which showed nothing.  I don’t know why they take x-rays when you are complaining about a torn ligament – since when do x-rays reveal ligaments that are messed up?

I have continued to “sit out” of Bikram triangle posture, but I did do the tree posture today – not on purpose actually.  I was thinking about writing for one of the companies that I blog for and was strategizing, so I was in the zone and just was acting like a robot I suppose.  About 15 seconds into the posture,  I realized that I didn’t want to be doing that to my knee, but I continued to keep it in tree because it was already there.  Namaste.

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