Day 74 – Long But Good

Awkward Postures 5/12/10

Awkward Postures 5/12/10

I had too much to drink on Sunday night, so I didn’t get up and go to class on Monday morning and then I thought that I would go to afternoon class, but this is the last week before the end of the month and I’ve got to turn in a spreasheet to get paid.

We are again having a  garage sale (don’t ask why…), so I am trying to finish all my writing by Thursday evening so that I can go over and enjoy the sale with my mom and my aunt.  I know most people don’t enjoy garage sales, but I do when people are there because I love to people watch (as you might have noticed while reading this blog).

Today’s posture is the first part of the awkward pose.  It is interesting because the front on view doesn’t look too bad, but the profile view – which is usually better in most cases makes me look really large and in charge. 

Awkward Posture 5/12/10

Awkward Posture 5/12/10

Lisa taught today’s class and as usual, I appreciated the help she gave me in a couple of postures, namely, the locust pose.  She made me look a lot better in it!  I got my legs up to 90 degrees of my head.

There was a guy from India in the class today and he kicks ass at all the postures.  If you have ever had a glance through Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class, then you know how advanced some of those folks are in there.  I would venture to guess that he is even more advanced.  It is nice to have him in the class because I can get a feeling of where I need to be headed in a few of the postures.  I haven’t seen him in class for over a year though, so I am not sure if I will see him again for awhile.

There were about 20 people in class this morning.  I could have done with less…but still not as bad as afternoon classes.  Namaste.

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