Day 75 -Tight

Awkward Pose 5/12/10

Awkward Pose 5/12/10

I think when I go to a 90 minute class the day before a 60 minute class, I am always tighter.  I need to make a big effort to go to Monday morning 6:20am, so that I can test this theory.  As I plan on going to tomorrow morning’s 90, which is followed by Friday morning’s 60 min.

Today’s instructor as well as tomorrow’s instructor is Maria.  I really like her as I think that she really enjoys what she is doing, but I am debating whether or not to ask her not to have her voice be so rushed sounding.  When we are 15 seconds from getting out of the posture, she has a crescendo that really makes a lot of people fall out of the Bikram yoga postures. 

Awkward Pose 5/12/10

Awkward Pose 5/12/10

I don’t know if I am totally right in my thinking, so I will have to keep paying attention to it.  Sorta stresses me out too when she does that.  I think she is trying to get us to bust our butts more, but I think it is backfiring.

Today’s posture is the second portion of the awkward posture series.  I have not advanced in this one and it’s because my knee hurts like hell if I go past a certain point, so I don’t.

Also, I have been asked to put more weight on my big toes – and from the looks of the photo to the right, it does appear that there is a lot of weight on my outside toes – but I assure you, that’s not where I feel it.  I also think there is something to how your feet are connected to your legs and how they would be aligned based on that in this posture.  Does that make sense?


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