Day 78 – Serious Soreness

Standing Head to Knee Pose 5/12/10

Standing Head to Knee Pose 5/12/10

Next time I think it is a good idea to go for a run for the first time in a year, I might have to think again.  Jesus Christ, I am sore.  SORE!  I hate when people talk about being sore, so I shouldn’t be doing it….but, I am SORE.

Today’s pose is Standing Head to Knee Pose or Dandayamana-Janushirasana, now say that three times fast.  Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t make fun of that.  But I was just saying it slowly in my head and the next thought was, “say that three times fast.”

I’ve progressed in this one quite a bit since my first attempt on 1/8/10, but I am not able to hold it for very long, so I still have a lot of advancement to do and I think I will get there.

Today’s teacher was Maria and I’ve decided why her 60-minute classes don’t go as fast.  She nervously talks the whole time.  By “nervously” I mean that she gives me anxiety with her crescendos towards the end of poses. 

Standing Head to Knee Pose 5/12/10

Standing Head to Knee Pose 5/12/10

I tried to remember an example of what she did today – it was something like, “one of the benefits ofthispostureisthatitreleasestoxins.”  She just doesn’t judge her endings right and ends up having these long sentences before releasing a posture.  I do like her though.  So I am wondering how I can overcome my feelings of uneasiness with the crescendo effect.  Ideas welcome.

Tomorrow is a 90-minute class followed by lots of writing for me!  I am totally far behind!  Don’t tell the people I write for!  Namaste.

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