Day 94 – Body Odor

Sasangasana or Rabbit 5/12/10

Sasangasana or Rabbit 5/12/10

So when I was going through my Graves Disease and figuring out which holistic measures might work for me, I read an article about how anti-perspirant might be one of the causes of breast cancer.  Why?  Well there is some aluminum part that is in an anti-perspirant that helps you not sweat by clogging your pores – and when you sweat you get rid of toxins, so if you are clogging your pores with aluminum stuff, then you are keeping the toxins inside.

So I decided to stop wearing deodorant.  And just to clarify – deodorant isn’t  a problem – it’s the ones with anti-perspirant that have the pore clogging thing.  Nonetheless, the only anti-perspirant deodorant that I liked was Ban and they do not make just a deodorant in a solid, so consequently, I have not found an alternative and my BO or body odor isn’t all that pleasant to be around.

Sasangasana or Rabbit 5/12/10

Sasangasana or Rabbit 5/12/10

My cousin suggested Toms of Maine – but I am waiting for it to go on sale at CVS – because I love to use coupons when things are on sale as then I feel like I am getting the best price.  

Does anyone reading this blog use Toms of Maine?  How do you like it?

Today’s pose is Sasangasana or Rabbit pose.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you know I refer to this as cleavage sniffing pose.  Not much to say about this one other than when I do it in the 60 minute class, like this morning’s class, I don’t get my head to my knees like I do in the 90 minute class – I guess I just am not as stretched out in the 60 minute class.


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