Day 97 – Feelin’ It

Head to Knee Pose Stretching Pose or Janushirasana

Head to Knee Pose Stretching Pose or Janushirasana 5/12/10

That’s right when you’re MIA from yoga for awhile, you end up feeling how out of shape you are!  I hope I can spring back in no time at all.

This morning’s instructor was Steve and he has the most wonderful voice so it was a delightful class other than I sucked this morning.  I got sick in camel pose and came out early of locust pose.  I rock.

While I was missing from my blog last week, I was not missing from Yoga.  I went to my parents’ house and my mom took photos of me doing yoga poses by their pool – so I should have cool new photos on the blog soon.  I just have to finish reducing their size – which takes a fair amount of my time.

Today’s pose is Head to Knee Pose Stretching Pose or Janushirasana and I am feeling frustrated in this pose because I have gone no where in it and when I got into Yoga in my early 20s, it took me no time at all to touch my toes to my forehead.  Not the case any more, my friends.  Does anyone know whether or not you are more limber in your early 20s or something?  I know I am fatter now, but I just don’t get it overall.

Head to Knee Pose Stretching Pose or Janushirasana 5/12/10

Head to Knee Pose Stretching Pose or Janushirasana 5/12/10

Two days ago I decided to start running again, so my knees feel like they are on fire – which didn’t help in yoga -and the fact that I’ve been running, I think also made me tighter than I usually am – so I was pleased to do some yoga this morning to stretch everything out.

My boyfriend (Bill) is convinced that you don’t lose weight in Yoga.  Frankly, I don’t understand how I can bust my balls, sweat my balls off and have an endorphin rush afterwards and not be burning calories.  I think because my fatass hasn’t shed the pounds, that’s why he is under this impression.  Hmmm.  Oh, btw, I don’t have balls – just like those expressions.  Anyway, if any readers have any insight – I’d appreciate if you’d leave a comment below about yoga and weight loss.  Cheers!  Namaste.

Oh!  Almost forgot – a friend of mine has started a wonderful blog about yoga, healthy eating and her workouts!  I love the way she writes.  Check out Christina’s blog at

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2 Responses to “Day 97 – Feelin’ It”

  1. Oh, I definitely think you can lose weight with yoga. I’ve noticed a big difference in my body in the 4 weeks I’ve been doing it. It tightens all your muscles and just makes you more toned. I also sweat a TON in yoga…there are some people that don’t since the poses are easy for them, but I’m not one of those!

    You are much more flexible than me girl! Those poses look great. The biggest excuse I hear from my friends when I ask if they want to go to yoga with me is “I’m not flexible, so I don’t want to do it”. That’s the point!!! You improve really fast if you keep practicing, and yoga is supposed to be a non-judgmental exercise.

    Subscribing to this blog now! *dont know why i wasnt before!*

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Christina. I think you lose weight – I just think I’m consuming too many calories and I have been too off and on to lose it. Thanks for the compliments on the poses – I’ve got a long way to go. Pulling my hamstring really did a number on the flexibility. Oh well.

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