Five Things To Look For To Find The Best Yoga Mat

Whether you are a Yoga beginner or advanced, your poses will be better and less apt to be injurious if you have the best yoga mat. You want to get a good workout and not play slip and slide especially if you are doing Bikram Yoga poses in a room that is one hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit. The perspiration causes an inferior mat to become very slippery thus inviting injury. You want a mat that will be absorbent and strong yet comfortable. The following are the five things to look out for best Yoga mats.

  • The Barefoot Yoga Company has what they call the Yoga  Sticky Mats which is 1/8” thick and has stable surface that is non slip and is good for any type of Yoga. It is lightweight and durable and can be folded or rolled to accommodate many poses.
  • For twenty dollars, you can get a cheap Yoga mat in the Danskin Yoga Fitness Kit, which has in it a Yoga mat, an exercise gall, cotton Yoga strap, fitness guidebook, workout DVD, light resistance band and a blow tube.
  • If you like a thick mat that you want a Natural Fitness Powerhouse Mat. It is a great value for under $19 dollars and they plant a tree with every purchase.
  • Galam’s Prosperity Yoga Mat is great but not inexpensive, however, it is stable and has anon slip surface. The mat is good for home or studio use.
  • The Eco Yoga Mat has a non slip surface. It is a more expensive mat but measures 68”x24” which makes it a good value.
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