Never Ever Again



I have missed yoga and have to tell you that I don’t think I will ever take a cat in again EVER.  I will pay for my vet to have them or find a vet that will take them in.  Having Oliver in my home is one of the most frustrating things.  I want so badly for him to have a good home and have turned down about three people that said they couldn’t afford to neuter him and other people that I feel like have not been a good fit.

I REALLY miss my kitties.  They are only 8 and 9 months old, so I think I’m just confusing them.  It isn’t fair to my mom or her animals to have mine over there.  So please, please, please pray that Mr. Oliver finds a home soon.  Oh and I have put up flyers, he’s on Facebook, on Craig’s List, on YouTube – where else do I put him?

I miss Yoga too – in the sense of feeling good and having a normal routine – but I cannot handle the stress of making class right now – for example, last night Oliver meowed from 2-3am – so no sleep and I cannot imagine waking up at 6am when I’ve had no sleep.

I am aware I brought this on myself, so I hope I’m not disappointing everyone.  Please pray that he finds a home soon.

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