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Day 121 – F’in Headache

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

I hate headaches. Hate them!  I also hate the cold. If I could have it my way I would live in weather that never got below 30 degrees.

I woke up yesterday morning to go to the 6am yoga class and my cramps were so bad, I decided to sleep more and go at 9am.

My cramps are really bad before my period starts and only happen about once a quarter. It’s not fun – but I’ve read that if you exercise through it all the better.

So I got up at 7:45am and headed to yoga at 8:30am.

People in the 9am class are much more talkative prior to class starting which much be because there seems to be a lot of regulars (and lots of men yesterday).

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana 8/10/10

There were 23 people in class with me today but I got a spot up front so wasn’t completely aware of all the folks behind me – just the way I like it.

Today’s posture is half tortoise pose or Ardha-Kurmasana. Not much to say on that other than I think that it’ll be a miracle if I can ever do this posture with my butt touching my heals.

After class was over I didn’t have cramps – but they did come back later. I did though have a horrible, horrible headache the rest of the day and that always happens when I go to the 90 minute class. Drives me crazy. That’s why I’m skipping class today – as there’s no 60 minute available.

I’ll go tomorrow morning hopefully.

Any insight on why I get headaches for the rest of the day after 90 minute classes?


Day 92 – Packed

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
Ardha-Kurmasana or Half Tortoise Pose

Ardha-Kurmasana or Half Tortoise Pose 5/12/10

It was really hard for me to get up for yoga this morning, but I told myself that I already missed Monday and Tuesday – so had to get up.  And so I did – was not expecting 20 cars in the parking lot when I pulled up with 2 minutes until class started – and moreover, there were 4 cars pulling in behind me at the same time!

Who knows why it was so packed this morning, but it is a trend that I would like NOT to continue.

Ardha-Kurmasana or Half Tortoise Pose

Ardha-Kurmasana or Half Tortoise Pose 5/12/10

Today’s posture is Ardha-Kurmasana or Half Tortoise Pose.  I will be amazed if my ass ever is on my heels in this pose – I guess there is always room for hope!  I am still really tight in hero’s pose as well.  I would like for that trend to stop.

Nothing interesting happened today in class and because I was so tired, I think I end up having a different state of mind – almost like a more meditative one where I am concentrating on things that don’t really matter, rather than planning my day – which is what I usually do and which I know is one of the big No-Nos.

I am freezing as I write this – because I have yet to shower and my clothes are soaking wet – and being in air conditioning isn’t cool right now.  I am trying to write right when I get home from class so that I don’t forget to post or so I don’t get distracted with work.  Off to shower!


Day 60 – Disappointed

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
Half Tortoise Pose or Ardha-kurmasana 2/22/10

Half Tortoise Pose or Ardha-kurmasana 2/22/10

I have to honest that I am really disappointed with my lack of progression in some of the postures.  I sit here now and my hamstring is aching and my knee hurts.  It’s frustrating and disappointing!  But I did just turn on my heating blanket (I sit on a Sunbeam Microplush Electric Warming Heating Throw Blanket to keep warm and to loosen my muscles) to stay warm – it’s only 55 degrees here today (my windows are open, so it made it hard to get up this morning – there’s just something simply wonderful about being under a comforter when the weather is sooo pleasant and cool), which means my basement (where I type is even cooler).  So when I am stagnet and don’t move for awhile, I find it easier to just have the blanket on rather than freeze my buns off.

Half Tortoise Pose or Ardha-kurmasana 2/22/10

Half Tortoise Pose or Ardha-kurmasana 2/22/10

I’m also drinking Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, which I am completely and totally obsessed with.  It’s like drinking Christmas, while I check out myself in today’s pose – Half Tortoise Pose or Ardha-kurmasana.

This is another disappointing one.  I have never gotten my ass on my heels, as you are supposed to do in this pose.  Sucks!!  (my hamstring is starting to melt – feels good for it to losen up!)

Today’s class was busy again.  Lots of men.  I don’t know if it’s Spring fever or what, but there seem to be a lot more folks showing up for the 60 minute classes.  I’m just glad that they don’t like the front of the room because I like the front and come in with a minute to spare before class starts – so otherwise I’d be screwed.

My left knee hurt so bad today that I sat out of a few postures, which was disappointing…but you gotta mind the body (like they say, “Mind the gap” in England).

Half Tortoise Pose 1/8/10

Half Tortoise Pose 1/8/10

Do you know of anyone that can keep their bum on their heels in this pose?  I’d love to see what it looks like!  I used to think this posture was a total joke, but it is really hard – especially to keep your hands sandwiched together and keeping your arms as straight as possible while lifting your wrists up and away from you.

Instructors have said that if you are having trouble sleeping that this is a good one to do to relieve stress and get you sleepy!  Namaste.