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Day 100 – Late and a Bad Spot

Monday, August 30th, 2010
Half Moon Pose or Ardha-Chandrasana 8/10/10

Half Moon Pose or Ardha-Chandrasana 8/10/10

I walked into class today during the second set of beginning breathing.  Not cool.  What was even not cooler was the fact that all the spots in the front of the room were taken.  Ugh.  So I went to the back and found a spot so that I could at least see myself in the mirror.

And then some jackass came in after me and put their mat right in front of me and stood right in front of me.  Who does that?  Who is that inconsiderate?  And believe me there was plenty of room to find a spot where she didn’t have to be right in front of me.  And I would have given her the benefit of the doubt for walking in late and being flustered and putting her mat and body right in front of me – rather than 12 inches to the left or right – but when she had time to settle down, she still didn’t budge!

Other than the beginning of class, it went well.  I do not know the name of today’s instructor – although I have had her before.  I like her very much – her voice is sometimes very babyish but I like the soothing effect it has on me and I also like the amount of time that she takes in postures and in savansana.

Half Moon Pose or Ardha-Chandrasana 8/10/10

Half Moon Pose or Ardha-Chandrasana 8/10/10

Today’s pose is Half Moon Pose or Ardha-Chandrasana.  I don’t care for the pictures of this one ever because my hips are always a little bit off because I don’t have a mirror to look at to balance them when I am taking photos for the website.

I was feeling poorly in this pose for the last few weeks, but felt good in it today, so I am pleased with the adjustment there.

I’ve been talking to my doctor through e-mail about my digestion and have been telling him about how a drink I drink after yoga really helps.  It’s called Shakeology®.  A friend of mine introduced it to me when I told her about my pooping problems.

It comes in two flavors – chocolate and green berry.  Shakeology® has protein, essential amino acids, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

I didn’t drink it consistently from the start, but now I do and I just told Bill the other day that I think I feel worse when I don’t have it.  And I honestly do.  Moreover, my dumps have increased again to two a day, which I am more than pleased about.

I mentioned to my doc how frustrated I was about my weight loss this year and he said, “This year you have the disadvantage that you are not thyrotoxic, so your metabolism has slowed down.  But muscle mass will not yet have fully recovered, so in fact, for your age and weight, it’s likely that the resting metabolism is actually still slow.  Easy enough to measure, if we need to.”

I see him in October.  We will be discussing.  Fucking thyroid disease.