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Day 103 – What’s Inconsiderate When It Comes To Yoga?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
Awkward Pose or Utkatasana 8/10/10

Awkward Pose or Utkatasana 8/10/10

Thank god I have this blog, I just got home from Yoga and tried to vent this to my boyfriend (who lives with me), but instead, every pause I took, he looked back at his book.  So I gave up in the middle of the conversation and just walked away and he goes, “What, Jenny?”  It’s funny that he’s been told time and time again (can we say therapy?) that women need a release, need to be able to vent, so they can clear their minds, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s football season and enter selfish Bill.  If Bill and I ever break up, I don’t think I will ever date someone remotely interested in football, I have come to hate the selfishness it creates so much that I debate breaking up as I cannot imagine this seasonal routine the rest of my life.

The reason I wanted to know, “What’s Inconsiderate When It Comes To Yoga?”

Tonight I went to the 6:30pm class.  I arrived after a meeting at 6pm.  I rushed to get over there, so I could get one of the coveted spots in the front of the class.  By the time 6:15 rolled around, no one  had gone int o the yoga room because the students from the 4:30pm class were still in savasana.

The Russian teacher that I have spoken about before in this blog took the class (as a student) and was still in savasana at 6:22pm when 3 of us finally entered the room to set up our postures and do some beginning stretching. 

I knew the teacher teaching, so I leaned over to her and go, “Hey, is there a regular that likes this spot? (I always like to be on the right hand side of the room, right in front of the mirror – but can handle the left hand side if I am taking over someone’s spot)”  And shes goes, “I don’t think so.”  And I said, “Okay, well, I can move if need be to the other side.”

Then all of a suddent I hear the Russian teacher announce to the guy next to her that she was rudely awakened from her savasana.  This teacher is one of those people that is funny when she is making fun of someone else, but not someone who is funny when she is making fun of you.  Likewise, she teaches high school students and tends to honor the immaturity they bring.  

So the guy goes, “Well, I hope it wasn’t me.”  And she goes, “No, you weren’t the one rudely talking.”  An adult and proper thing to do would be to have said, “No.”  Then come over to me in a lower tone and said that it is rude to talk when someone is in savasana.  Of course, I thought it was rude that she was still in savasana after class had been over for 22 minutes.  I mean, when you go to the 4:30pm class, I think you have to keep in mind that the 6:30pm starts 30 minutes after yours ends and therefore your savasana cannot last as long.

The other ironic thing is that my talking had to do with me trying to be considerate. 

Nonetheless, I said, “Sorry about that!  You live and you learn.”  She said something under her breath in her true character’s fashion and left the room.  Nothing like starting class off on the wrong foot – and of course, the rest of class I questioned myself and whether or not I was being inconsiderate.  In all honesty, it was ignorance.  I really didn’t think that I would bug her and had no intentions of bugging her and as an instructor there, she should know how to talk to students to be appropriate.

After 90 minutes of yoga, I decided that based on what I have seen out of her time and time again, that I was in the right.  I have truly never liked her, although I have tried.  So no shocker there.

Today’s posture is Awkward Pose or Utkatasana.  I suck at this posture over and over again because my knees suck and hurt.