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Day 14 – Poop

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

That’s right.  First time ever in my Yoga practice that I had to poop!  I know it’s not something we typically talk about, but for me it is really nice because I have had problems with constipation on and off in the last few months.

Of course since I have an issue with going to the bathroom in public and because I didn’t want to leave class, I decided to hold it through class and sure enough when I got home, I was ready to go.

I have had this urge to take a dump when I have been running a lot and have even managed to go in my pants a few times before I was able to make it home to the toilet.  However, never ever in Yoga and it was sort of exciting as I thought it was a sign that my digestion was working ok.

Standing Head to Knee

Standing Head to Knee

I had the pleasure of being next to the SMELLY guy again, which means his pants were the ones from yesterday.  It’s my fault this time because I walked in during the first posture (was a little delayed at home this morning).

PHOTO TIME!  Here is another example of a pose that I used to be a lot better at and now I am not.  The first couple of classes that I took I couldn’t even get this far into the pose.  When I first starting taking yoga, I remember them saying that you shouldn’t hold below the ball of your foot unless you can keep the standing straight and solid for 60 seconds. 

Standing Head to Knee

Standing Head to Knee

No doubt my personal training sessions helped out with this one.  Usually my standing leg shakes the whole time from not having enough strength to get through it.  However, literally it only took  me a few classes to be able to hold my leg still and straight for 60 seconds.  It is still a challenge, that’s for sure.  Now in the second photo, you’ll notice I have put my leg out straight.  I am NO WHERE where I need to be in this pose.  My standing leg shouldn’t be bent at all, and my forehead needs to come down to my knee.  That’s all in due time.

Today’s instructor was Cara, not Maria.  I am not sure why that worked out.  I have never had Cara as an instructor but know her from when I exchanged cleaning for yoga a few years ago.  I did not care for her then.  Reminds me of a book I am listening to, Blink, and how we all have a decisive glance that knows in an instant.  I began to doubt my first observations and interactions with Cara because she was such a great instructor today.  But then wondered if those first observations were what they were and she could still be an excellent instructor and decided that was so.

Tomorrow is Friday!!  Which means I only have one more day this week to get up at 6am.  I am a nightowl, so this getting up at 6am is nice because I get a lot done, but I would prefer to sleep!  I hope I get to the point where I enjoy getting up at 6am and do so naturally.