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Day 16 – Happy

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I almost totally forgot to write a post today until my brother, Spencer, came over and stayed for awhile.  He mentioned that he was enjoying reding my blog and then it dawned on me, “Shit!  I didn’t write my post today!”

Since it was Monday, it was a short class.  I love the short classes.  This one really whized by.

Balancing Stick Pose

Balancing Stick Pose

Today’s instructor was Conk and he is one of my favorite instructors.  He has a radio type voice but has also be properly trained in Bikram Yoga poses, so it is nice when he can walk you through the poses the right way. 

So Spencer asked me if I was enjoying it, and I thought about it on Bill’s and my way to the movie Leap Year (it was ALRIGHT – definitely entertaining if you just want a break from reality – definitely a chick flick).  And I realized that I was really happy today in Yoga.

I find that I miss it when I am not doing it, but I like to miss it too, because tomorrow, for example, I do not miss it.  In other words, I am not relishing getting up at 6am to get to the studio at 6:30am.  Yes, that’s right 10 extra minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I do like to be done at 7:25 on Fridays, 9am on Monday and Wednesday (have to go to my personal trainer afterwards) and 8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but since I am a nightowl, it is always hard for me to go to bed.

Todays pose is Balancing Stick pose.  This pose is held for only 10 minutes and one time an instructor told me that our 4 rounds of this pose (2 on the left plus 2 on the right) equates to 3 mile sof running for the heart.  I wonder about the validity of that.