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Day 27 – Bloated

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

I have been off of birth control for over a year.  I originally got off of it because of holisitic practioner’s recommendations that I do so to get over my Graves disease.  As a result, I am more aware of when my body is bloated and when it is not and let me tell you, it isn’t too much fun!  But it is nice to be more aware of my body.

Fixed Firm Pose

Fixed Firm Pose

Today’s pose is the Fixed Firm Pose.  From the photo, it looks like my belly is huge, almost pregnant in nature.  I assure you that it is huge, but not pregnant in nature.  Because of the looseness of my t-shirt, it looks like my back is flat on the ground.  Although it should be flat on the ground, it is not.  It is arched upwards, hence the appearance of the prego belly.  My knees should be squeezed together and touching the ground.  I haven’t nailed that yet.  And since my knees will not stay on the ground, I have decided that I don’t go this far in this posture right now.  I need to get my knees looser so that they will lie flat on the ground before I can turn it into one of the advanced yoga poses.

Today’s class seemed packed.  I counted.  There were 18 people including me.  It really is strange how some days it is 5-6 people and other days it is 18.  I tell you what, though, as long as I get in the front row, I don’t seem to mind about all the other folks around me.  Again, it goes back to my dad’s paperweight, “If you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes.”  And that’s the truth – I don’t care to look at other people’s asses and crouches…so all the better if I am in the front row!  And I know that you aren’t supposed to look at that stuff, but I do.  Okay?  I DO!