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Day 28 – Misinterpretation

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Well, I see that my Round 1 of Yoga Postures will be published today.  I had planned to have that scheduled to publish AFTER I had gone through all 26 postures in my blog posts, but it happened before I got through them all.  Oh well.  I will still go through all my postures until I am done and then we will take another set of photos and share with you again.

I had an opportunity to work yesterday while I worked on my writing (I am a blog writer), so it is like getting paid twice, so I didn’t go to Yoga yesterday as I was tied up all day. 

I am still in my sweaty yoga clothes as I type this because I didn’t want to forget to write abut this guy after yoga today.  He is a regular on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and we usually exchange a few words about the class or whatever.

Well, today I was putting my sticker on the chart for the yoga challenge that the studio is having.  The sticker represents the fact that you came that day.  I think I already told you guys about this, but basically, the idea of the challenge is that for 6 weeks or maybe its 8 weeks, I have no idea – but something over 1 month’s time (probably so the studio is guaranteed at least two month’s pay).  Anyway, you can “sign up” for it by signing your name to the board and then listing how many days/week that you are going to come.  It has to be 2 days/week or more.

So I went to put my sticker on the board (I always tend to do it after class and not before) and he said something like, “Does that make you feel better?” And I replied, “Well, it helps me feel accountable.”  And I couldn’t figure out what he meant about feeling better.

So we exited at the same time, and I said, “Maybe you need to sign up for it, so you can feel accountable.”  And he goes, “Oh no, Yoga isn’t competition.  I’m not going to be involved in a competition.”  In a shocked reply, I stated, “Oh god, no.  I don’t think of it as competition at all.  Well, maybe with myself so that I come at least 4 days a week.”  And he said, “Well, there you go.  4 days a week is too much for me.”

I was pretty dumbfounded on the way home, as I wondered why folks like him (actually I didn’t know that he wasn’t signed up for the competition) didn’t sign up for the challenge.  And that’s what it is called, “Yoga Challenge 2010.”  Not “Yoga Competition 2010.”  It is interesting that he interpreted it that way.  I wasn’t expecting it. 

It really isn’t a competition for me, as I have never looked at the other names on the board or looked at how many times a week they have dedicated to coming.  Now, I guess it is a competition in the sense that if you complete YOUR goal, then you are entered in a drawing for a prize – like $ off of a monthly yoga package or a free yoga mat.  But I DOUBT a lot of people are doing it for that.  My guess is that the studio owner decided to offer that as an incentive to get folks involved, not to compete against one another.

Half Tortoise Pose

Half Tortoise Pose

Today’s pose is the Half Tortoise Pose.  While this is probably one of the easier Bikram yoga postures, I have never come close to mastering it.  My bum is supposed to be on my heels, and while it is on my heels, I am supposed to have my forehead and even nose on the ground.  Also my palms are supposed to be flat and touching one another.  I do not have the strength in my hands or my arms to do that, so instead, they are in a cupped position.  This is probably one of those yoga positions for beginners that I will not master for some time.  How’s that for a little enthusiasm?

Alright, well, I am dying to get in the shower now, so I am outta here.  Namaste.