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Day 33 – One More Week Of February

Friday, February 19th, 2010
Head to Knee Pose

Head to Knee Pose

I cannot believe that there is only one more week of February. I also cannot believe that this is another 5 days in a row. I haven’t done that for a couple of weeks, which is exciting. In an effort to drag out the photos as much as possible, here is another Head to Knee pose, but this one is both legs stretched out, instead of one knee bent in.

I was annoyed today in class because there was a lady that came in late and for some reason she lined up right behind me. There were only 8 people in the class, so of course, there was plenty of room, but she apparently wanted to be right behind me. I say that with confidence because I thought maybe she was just flustered and accidentally lined up with me when she first came in, but that’s not the case because when we got to the floor postures, she again lined up right behind me.

I find this annoying because of the amount of space in the room, it violates my personal space and is just bloody annoying.  Doesn’t she want to see herself in the mirror, rather than looking at my ass to see if she’s in line with her posture?

I could very well be off and not be giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I honestly couldn’t figure out why she kept doing that….unless she is just in la-la land.

So one more week is done, there is only one more week in February and then we’re into March!  Whoa.  Have a good weekend.  Namaste.