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Day 62 – Posting Way Late!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


I am posting this really late, but I feel like I cannot leave you guys hanging any further.

I did go to 4:30pm yoga with Bill on Monday afternoon and the class was fine, but my knee still hurt.

I did not go yesterday (Tuesday) or today and probably will not go for the rest of the week.  I know I have totally messed up my goal in going 5 days a week in April, but I’ve decided this is something I can put on hold to alleviate the stress I am feeling right now.

I think I told you that I found a stray cat on Friday and finding him a home has completely consumed me.  He is also locked in my master bathroom until he finds a home because my vet doesn’t know if he has ringworm – and it takes over two weeks for the ringworm to show up in a petree dish – so I have to keep him in my bathroom.  As a result, he bangs on the door from 3am to 5am, and there’s just no way I am getting up at 6am after that lovely time period.

I really haven’t been this stressed out since my Rags was dying.  This cat is just so cool and deserves an awesome home.  I want to make sure that he finds the right home.

I also have some writing deadlines for my business this week, so with all the added stress, I am dropping my yoga routine as well as the writing on this blog until he finds a home – which might be tomorrow or next week.  I am sorry for neglecting you, but this is one of those pressures that I put on myself and I do not need to make myself more stressed out – as I fear that will cause other health problems I don’t need.  Hope you understand.  Namaste.