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Day 67 – Quick And Easy

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I went to yoga on Friday, but now it’s Sunday that I’m writing about it.  Again, it was quick and easy.  Aaron started class at 6:25 and ended at 7:15am.  Not terribly exciting.  There weere only two women in the classs – I was one of them.

I have started to sit out on the Bikram triangle on the left side – to prevent my knee from hurting more.  I asked if there was an alternative to do, instead of the Bikram triangle and two instructors told me to just sit out of it because the regular triangle still strains your knee.

I delayed writing this one because I am so exhausted from the garage sale, and thought if I delayed in writing it then it would have a little more meat and substance – not the case.  On the laptop again today, so even more boring because no photo today.  Better times tomorrow.  Namaste.