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Day 7 – Small Class

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Half Moon Pose - Backwards

Half Moon Pose - Backwards

There were only 4 people in the class besides me today, which made for a very nice class.  I like when there are only a few folks because then the instructor (if they are a good one), will take the time to work with youin your positions.

Today’s instructor was Lisa, so of course she took the time to help me get into positions a little deeper, which I appreciated.  Of course, she helped some of the other students as well. 

I was nauseated again today, as I was yesterday.  I am hoping that tomorrow, I am not.  I don’t mind being nauseated in a few poses, but every single pose is a little annoying and aggravating.  It takes me longer to get into the poses and really get deeper into the Bikram yoga postures.

You might have noticed today’s photo.  It’s the 3rd step in the Half Moon Pose – I used to be able to do a complete back bend in this pose.  So I know I will get there again, but here’s where I am right now.  Well, as I have said before, I wasn’t terribly warmed up and therefore not as limber when these photos were taken, so I am sure I can go farther in this pose than in the photo…

Tomorrow is Maria.  She’s great.