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Day 76 – O Holy Knee!

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Awkward Postures 5/12/10

Awkward Postures 5/12/10

I really don’t know what it is about Fridays, but the class sure flies by.  I was thinking about that on Wednesday and wondering why the Wednesday class is the same length, but seems to last a lot longer.

Maybe it’s the excitement of the weekend, the way that Aaron teaches the Friday class compared to how Maria teaches the Wednesday class.  I checked today and Aaron moves at the same pace – there’s a clock in the room, so it’s easy to keep track of.

But, more to the title of this post and that is that my knee has been killing me and I think I have pushed it again.  I am supposed to be getting into a sports medicine doctor – as my doctor referred me to a guy that does partial and total knee replacements and when I talked to his nurse on the phone, she said it sounded like I had a torn ligament and was not in need of a knee replacement.  Thank god.

Awkward Posture 5/12/10

Awkward Posture 5/12/10

Anyway, I haven’t kept on top of the coordination of my knee checking event and therefore haven’t heard anything and of course, I don’t know when an appointment is planned, so I will phone those folks when I am done writing this.

Today’s Bikram yoga pose is the third set of the awkward postures.  This one always makes me think that I look like I am going to pee in my pants.

Ironically, “O Holy Knee!” applies for this posture because I cannot advance in it without feeling extreme shooting pain in my knee, so don’t hold your breathe on improvement in this posture for awhile.  Have a good Memorial Day Weekend!