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Day 95 – Are You There, God?

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Head to Knee Pose or Janushirasana 5-12-10

Head to Knee Pose or Janushirasana 5-12-10

Isn’t that the name of a movie?  I am too lazy to Google it right now to find out, but I think that it is and eventhough I haven’t watched the movie, I felt like I was asking that in Yoga class this morning – well, maybe not ASKING that but wondering things about life and what not.

Today’s instructor was Lauren and I remember vividly before the start of camel pose about something totally separate from Yoga and then Lauren saying, “alright, the next pose is camel pose.”  And I thought to myself, “seriously?  we’re already on freakin’ camel pose? how did we get here already?”  My mind had been somewhere else all morning – maybe all the things I want to do for my business but don’t have the money to do or all the things I want to get done…not really sure.  It was probably a combination of the two.

Today’s pose is Head to Knee Pose or Janushirasana.  I am getting worse at this one as my hamstrings and quads feel equally as tight, but maybe it’ll get better as the week progresses.  Namaste.