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Day 99 – Irritated!!!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
Standing Deep Breathing or Pranayama Series 8/10/10

Standing Deep Breathing or Pranayama Series 8/10/10

Can you feel the emotion from those exclamation points?  I hope so.  I was so irritated today – my sweat was bothering me, by hair was bothering me, my clothes were bothering me – ugh!  Of course, by the end of class, I got over myself.

Today’s posture is Standing Deep Breathing or Pranayama Series and guess what?!  It annoyed me today too!  I couldn’t get in the deep breaths that I wanted to get in and when I would try it wouldn’t go any deeper – so frustrating.

But you may notice that this starts my new round of photos – outdoor photos – I really like the outdoor photos for their light and clarity – not to mention, it was a lot more fun doing yoga outside – so I think I will do the next series outside too.  I bet Bill cannot wait to take more photos of me.

Class was pretty full this morning – for the 6:20am – I think there were 15 people in there.  Mark – the attendant behind the desk when you first get to class said something about how I must have liked the class the night before because there were only 2 students – one being me – and turned to Maria and said that I liked small classes – and must have liked the one on one attention.

Standing Deep Breathing or Pranayama Series 8/10/10

Standing Deep Breathing or Pranayama Series 8/10/10

I think that’s where the irritation began!  I do not like attention!  I do not like one on one attention – but I do like when there are enough folks that the instructor isn’t focused on me, but rather on the class’s syncronicity – and when there aren’t a lot of people in the class to stare at my ass.  Because seriously after having to look at my ass in the mirror yesterday – I don’t need to repeat that.

I am so exhausted right now that I am thankful that I work from home – I am going to go take a shower and then hop back into bed for a few hours.

I am also thinking about walking today for my run – my knees are really killing me and I think it’s time they get a break.

I’m excited for tomorrow, because a friend of mine who coaches field hockey for our high school alma mater has asked me to help tomorrow – and any chance I have to pick up a field hockey stick – I will do it.  In fact, I believe that if I lived in the Northeastern USA where there are adult club teams, that I would not be as fat as I am – because I would have been motivated to kick some ass.