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Day 52 – Down Belly Down!

Friday, March 26th, 2010
Tree Pose 2/22/10

Tree Pose 2/22/10

It may seem like I am giving my belly a command, but I assure you it is more a cheer!  Today I was in the Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose and noticed that the fold of fat from my belly was much less than a month ago.  So, yeah, down belly down!  In fact, maybe we will just make my belly a masculine gender, so I can say, “Down Boy!”

However, when looking at today’s photo, it looks like my boobs are the ones that are shouting or rather, doing the “down boy down!” thing.  Man, my boobs have never looked like that in yoga class – usually they are more propped up.  Oh well.

So today’s posture is the tree.  I am not a fan of this posture.  It’s a hit or miss if my standing leg starts to fall asleep in this pose.  I think it’s a matter of circulation, so I don’t know what I am doing differently to make it a hit or miss, nonetheless, it happens.

Tree Pose Side View

Tree Pose Side View 2/22/10

Also, from this side view, you can tell that:

  1. My belly is huge
  2. My ass is huge
  3. and the point of this list – that my left knee is not parallel with my right knee.  So,  in other words, it should look like I have one solid leg from the side.

This is one of these Bikram yoga poses that I am not sure I will master by the end of the year.  However, I have really been thinking about health, exercise, etc. ever since Bill and I got  back from Hot Springs Village, AR to visit his grandmother.  There are a lot of people 70+ that live down there and watching them move and try to get around, really makes me want to take care of myself, so that I don’t have a problem going down stairs or getting out of a vehicle.  I believe the flexibility and mobility in my joints that yoga offers will help me.  But that means I have to be a dedicated yoga practicer for years to come.

Tree Pose 1/8/10

Tree Pose 1/8/10

Since all my grandparents are dead, I am not around people over 60 years old (my parents’ age) that often.  So I will need reminders of this or I will soon take advantage of my body again…as I have in the past.  You gotta plan ahead, my friends.

Okay, enough on my thoughts of the future condition of my body.  I think the instructor today had the hots for the new girl in class as he never EVER helps someone in their poses and he did today.  That was crazy to me.  He always stays in his postures and does the class with you, but today, he moved from his mat to help the new girl and offered way more advice…it was just one of those women intuition things that I noticed.  It was a nice break though because usually I zone out on Fridays because I am not as confident in today’s instructor’s ability to know/understand yoga.  So class seemed to fly by again because I was thinking about love, lust, etc.