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Day 72 – Feelin’ Large

Thursday, May 20th, 2010
Half Moon 5-15-10

Half Moon 5-15-10

I feel fat right now as I type this.  I am sick of feeling fat.  I weighed in at the doctor’s office for my knee on Tuesday and found out that I hadn’t lost any weight.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I have been busting my balls in yoga class for 5 months now – granted I took some time off, but when I think about my eating habits now compared to one year ago, they are night and day – and yet, the weight remains.

As of late, I have had trouble going number 2.  So I have increased my fruit intake tremendously.  This seems to have helped. 

Last summer I spent six weeks in Albuquerque and lost 10 lbs while I was there.  I think being away from the stress of my home life, my family life and being in sunshine day in and day out helped me relax and not stress out.  I also took three dumps a day when I was down there.  Now I struggle to take one.

Last year when I was doing a bunch of holistic stuff to try and rid myself of Graves Disease, I went to a lady for Jin Shin Jyutsu® and she told me that my pelvis area was really blocked and that once I figured out my digestive issues that the weight would melt off.

Half Moon 5/12/10

Half Moon 5/12/10

Based on what I have been eating during the day compared to last year coupled with sweating my ass off in yoga, I am beginning to think it is a digestive issue.  I do feel like a million bucks when I finally do take a dump.  (side note: I really cannot believe I am talking about this when I know there are people reading this – but I like to treat this blog as a journal of sorts – to track my progress and well, I tell the truth too much, I’ve been told).  Any insight from my readers would be much appreciated.

Today’s instructor was Maria.  There were only 6 students – love it!  And Maria really had a good time today – or so it appeared during final savansana when she was talking about how we were all syncronized and feeding off of everyone else’s energy.  My mind was too busy on all the things I needed to get done today, so I am not sure if I fed off the energy or not or just saw what people were doing in my peripheral vision.  My guess is the peripheral vision thing, but I am glad Maria was pleased with everyone in class.

Today’s pose is the 3rd part of Half Moon.  I am getting better at this one, although I do not believe that the photo does it justice. My goal is to go further in this posture.  I’ve got a great lower back and I intend on using it!  Class is early tomorrow morning, but it’ll be a short Friday one as usual.  Too bad I am not in bed right now getting some good Zs.

Oh, which brings up a good point – I intended on going on Wednesday, but my eyes were so heavy – I felt like I was in one of those dreams where you are so tired you cannot keep your eyes open.  So I went back to bed and since I had a 10am meeting, I couldn’t go to the 9am, 90-minute class.  Bummer.  Namaste.