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Day 66 – Early

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Yup, made it again today!  I know you guys are SHOCKED!  I’m on a roll.  It feels sooo good to sweat again.  Still not 100% and feeling slightly sluggish.  I am super tired.  Am having a garage sale with my mom and aunts, so I have been my feet all day today and could have easily gone to bed at 8pm (and should have).

So today, Maria (instructor), turned off half of the room’s lights – the back portion (not where I stand) during the triangle.  DRIVES ME CRAZY! When I learned yoga, I learned that the lights out meant that it was time for final savansana – not timet o work my ass off and sweat my ass off.  I DO NOT like the lights off.

So we were getting into our floor postures and Maria goes, “do you guys want the lights on or off?” and I shouted out, “I prefer them ON!” – and I think she was a little taken back by it – but I really draw energy from light, especially after having my thyroid disease – light is really important for me – it can really change my mood as pathetic as that sounds.  I find that I am happier in sunnier climates.

After class I explained to Maria why I reacted the way I did and she said it was fine and I am sure that she did think it was fine because she’s so laid back – but it probably surprised her that I spoke up.  I usually do speak my mind, but yoga is known as being a silent sport, so I usually don’t talk or speak up.  Couldn’t handle the lights being off again.  She goes, “Oh, my 9am class hates when the lights are on, so I just figured they bothered you guys too.”  Well, at 9am, the sun is up higher than at 6am, so there might be enough sunlight in the room by then, but 6am – turn off the lights – and I just got out of bed 20 minutes ago!  It will make me want to go back to bed!  Why in the world though, do people hate florescent lights?  They don’t bother me unless they “buzz” – do you guys mind the lights in your yoga classes?

No photos as I am on my laptop and need to go to bed for yoga in the morning!  Then another day on my feet for the garage sale!  Made $564 today – so totally worth spending the time with my mom, my sister and my aunts!